LITH008: Departure procedures and missing engines

IFR DEPARTURES There seems to be some confusion on departing IFR from an uncontrolled airport of from one with a VFR tower. In the absence of an IFR Departure Procedure or departure instructions from ATC, the pilot is responsible for his/her own terrain and obstruction clearance. Chapter 5 of the AIM gives the pilot discretion on joining the filed route or course. In other words, after you depart and you are cleared “as filed” it is at pilot’s discretion how he or she joins the filed route or course. Do you need to ask permission to turn to intercept your filed airway ? Absolutely not ! However, if you ask for that early turn you may not get it. ATC, is not supposed to vector below the minimum IFR altitude. It is entirely up to the pilot when the on course turn is made. Also, there is no requirement to actually cross the navaid. We have to put the navaid into our route of flight so the flight plan will process properly. Make Sense ? -Scotty (SW)

CRAZINESS IN THE HOLE The last few days have been mayhem in The Hole. Been too busy keeping afloat to write down the odd situations that have occurred daily. The fires in Arizona and north of Durango have made life pretty interesting. There’s a temporary tower at DRO, smoke causing IFR conditions all over the Four Corners area, I’ve even had a ‘save’ or two. More to come, gonna be a long summer.

NEW TEAM MEMBER Remember that southern sounding guy Scotty mentioned in FRIENDS OF THE HOLE? He’s now a Life In The Hole Team Member, you’ll see him as SW on here. When I’m not in The Hole, he usually is.

MIST? NO, MISSED Had a Bonanza today who kept telling me about mist, or so I thought. I told him I had no reports of any rain or IFR conditions other than lots of smoke from the fire in Arizona. Turns out his engine was having problems and was ‘missing’ on a cylinder. He wondered why I’d give him weather reports after telling me about engine problems.

Life In The Hole (LITH) is based on real-life Air Traffic Control (ATC) stories from pilot and controller Chris Rodriguez (unless otherwise noted) of Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC).  The comments and opinions are only of the authors and do not reflect the opinions or positions of any other company or organization.

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