LITH009: Skittish Skylanes and working around emergencies

182’s ALL IN A ROW Had me a string of eastbound 182’s today. First one chose wisely and picked Alamosa, CO as his destination. There was a large line of thunderstorms from Denver south with Center Weather Advisories (CWA’s) and Convective Sigmets. The second one was going from Kingman, AZ to Jeffco Airport in the Denver area. After quite a few calls back and forth, he left for the next frequency and then he changed his destination to Alamosa as well. The next one sat out all the bad weather in Farmington, NM. She was going from Carlsbad, CA to Colorado Springs, CO. We spoke at great length about GPS’s and the weather. She’s a CFI in Carlsbad, very friendly.

WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? While I was having the above conversation, the female controller at Durango Tower kept interrupting. Luckily there was no one else on freq at the time, but it was funny trying to hold two different conversations at once. At one point she asked me if I was “Steve”. I knew who she meant and harshly told her NO and told her to never call me that again. Turns out we knew a few people in common, told her my name and asked her to say hi to our common friends. The 182 pilot caught enough, or thought I was talking to her, to say “bye Chris” as she left. Never have enough friends, or did I already say that somewhere on here.

REGULAR HAS A MISHAP A Baron we work almost daily (see HOLE REGULARS MAKE THE BIG TIME) had an ‘oops’ at Farmington. Nose gear wouldn’t come down. I was scrambling to get all my arrivals in as they worked on the problem south of the airport. One runway was already closed and if they put down on the other the entire airport would be closed. Luckily they opened the closed one long enough to get him down, from what I hear everything worked out okay. (UPDATE: Airplane on injured reserve for at least 3 months!)

Life In The Hole (LITH) is based on real-life Air Traffic Control (ATC) stories from pilot and controller Chris Rodriguez (unless otherwise noted) of Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC).  The comments and opinions are only of the authors and do not reflect the opinions or positions of any other company or organization.

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