TAKE A DAY OFF AND… Went to the Rocky Mountain EAA Regional Fly-In Saturday, attended a forum on “Human Factors In The Cockpit” lead by Rogers V. Shaw, who I later spoke to about CAMI’s (no, not Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders, FAA’s Civil Aeromedical Institute) sleep studies on controllers. Also met Cam, owner of a beautiful 68’ Cardinal, and our 4th Life In The Hole reader. He and his son stopped by the hangar, talked shop, ate shaved ice. But back at The Hole, apparently a couple planes went down as documented at the FAA’s accident site. One near Halls Crossing, the other at Cortez, CO. Luckily no one died, but there were serious injuries with the Bonanza at Cortez, callsign sounded familiar. Neither aircraft were being worked by Denver Center, but from what I hear the controller was able to relay through aircraft in the air the status of the one near Halls Crossing. That was a C172, flipped over on an emergency landing, but everyone was alright.  7/1/02

NEVER CAN’T SAY GOODBYE Not sure if some of you pilots know this or not, but when you’re flying along VFR and have a radio problem, or fly/descend out of radio coverage, we just don’t chuck your strip/flightplan and forget about you. We have to follow up and find out if you landed, or if something went wrong. Had that happen to a VFR going into Pagosa Springs, luckily had an Empire pilot go over to Unicom and talk to the pilot as he was touching down.  7/3/02

SOMEBODY ELSE IS WATCHING ME A regular, and our potential 5th reader, Scott of the Stealth Navajo, added a new twist to his stealthy plane. A blinking reply light on the transponder while in a non-radar coverage area. Makes you wonder, who else is interrogating transponders out there? There is no other radar site from any facility within range, not by a long shot. If this site mysteriously disappears shortly, look out for bee’s that sting with alien venom and shape shifting controllers.  7/3/02

FARMINGTON NEWS Congrats to Phil, an instructor at Mesa for just passing his ATP checkride. Good Job Phil.

In November the name and identifier of the Farmington VOR will change. The new name will be Rattlesnake and the identifier will be RTL. The new name comes from the community of Rattlesnake, NM just west of Farmington. Fly Safe ! Scotty  7/6/02

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