Slip sliding away

SLIP SLIDING AWAY Ya, I know I’ve been slipping in my entries here. And soon “The Hole” will slide right out of my area. The latest rumor is October ’05! Once that happens I’ll no longer work hardly any GA airplanes as I’ll only work FL270 and above. Then again I could always transfer to the new area that works only FL260 to the ground, hmm. Enticing. “The Hole” has gotten pretty crowded anyway. We now on a regular basis have 3 sectors open besides 36 back there. And they are controllers from other areas, talk about feeling soiled.
YET ANOTHER ACRONYM, RVSM Probably one of the biggest changes ATC has seen in my 20 year career is “Reduced Vertical Seperation Minimum”, or RVSM. It allows us to run airplanes 1,000′ apart from FL290 to FL410 (prior we had to use 2,000′, a real drag). This didn’t affect “The Hole” much as we already had 1,000′ seperation anyway. It makes those higher altitude sectors more appealing, hence less time in The Hole for me lately.



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