LITH041: Hole closing rumors #267

HOLE CLOSING RUMORS #267 So here it is, the skinny on where “The Hole” is going, and with it your humble correspondent. It, and I, is/are being reassigned to another area, aka “specialty”. This area is known as Area 1, or the Central Area, soon to be known as the “low altitude only” area. I finally got my wish and am now training on the sectors I don’t already have in that new area. So fear not pilot friends, they can take “The Hole” away from me, but they can’t take me away from “The Hole”! Hmm, that just doesn’t sound right, but there you have it. Impact on operations: I think overall users will be happy with this new area. Formerly, I’d estimate 90% of the controllers who got stuck in “The Hole” didn’t much care for it, and it showed. Now the people working it work nothing but low altitude. I won’t say it’s 90%-10% because I don’t know them all or worked with them all, but even if it’s half, that’s an improvement. Best of all, of course, you get to keep me, and this ever popular, up to 8 readers and counting, blog.
TRAINEES TRAINING TRAINEES Yes, it has begun. The inmates are running the asylum. Alright, I may be exaggerating a tad, but these new “Holee’s” are now training people on “The Hole”. So if you see/hear anything weird (other than myself training on a new sector), and a different voice chimes in and it doesn’t get any clearer – now you know why. Seriously, I think it’s great, and have been pleased with my new co-workers interest in learning this little slice of airspace. And of course teaching it only makes you learn it better. I also think anyone I trained there that is now training someone else should have a small percentage of their training pay added to my bank account. Call it tribute, or something.
PAYBACK: DENVER APPROACH STYLE Well well well, now the foot’s on the other leg!(?) All these years I’ve been at the mercy of my fine, yet overpaid, friends at Denver Approach and their hesitancy to take handoffs. One of the sectors in the new area is basically a 1-way sector IN to Denver, and if Approach don’t feel like taking an airplane, they don’t. They are the gatekeeper there, and they don’t always give you fair warning when they’ll shut that tall gate of theirs. One of my new sectors is mostly a 1-way sector OUT of Denver and guess who’s handing me all of those airplanes? Whereas what I feed them is a fine-tuned string of pearls, their feed is, well, like a kiss from a sawed off shotgun. Unfortunately for them, this sector is also the approach sector for Eagle, CO, which I’m told can get pretty crazy. So………we’ll just leave it at that.
NEVERENDING ACRONYM DEPT (NAD) Got another one for you, ERIDS. No it’s not “External Routing Intrusion Detection System”, or “emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases”. It stands for “En Route Information Display System” and it’s pretty cool. Oddly enough it becomes “live” on my birthday, so I claim it as mine. Wanna see what it is? Go to or just Google ERIDS, I guess. It’s a touchscreen that allows a controller to bring up and view all kinds of info, like approach charts, sectionals, Letters of Agreements (LOA’s), AIM, SOP’s, PDARs, SID’s, STAR’s, woah, acronym overload.

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