CO & U.S. Constitutional attack by Longmont Representatives FAILS!


March 8, 2007, SB07-46, the bill to amend how Colorado handles its Electoral College votes, died in committee on a 10-1 vote, essentially killing it for this year.  You can read more about it here.  

A shout out goes to my friend Chuck who brought it to my attention as it was a topic on the Mike Rosen show on 850 KOA.  If you are still unclear what this all meant, this show can be listened to (after you sign up, which is free) at this link (Select Rosen Replay for 3/12/07 Hours 2 and 3)  It’s well worth a listen for educational purposes no matter what side you sit on this issue.

This is not the first time this idea has come up, and probably won’t be the last.  The two smiling faces above are your representatives,State Senator Brandon Shaffer and State Representative Jack Pommer (the bills co-sponsor).  Mr. Pommer never even responded to my emails (or the Times-Call’s inquiries I’m told), and Mr. Shaffers aide wrote me what was not much more than a condescending form letter.  Credit is given though to State Representative Paul Weissmann, who answered promptly and reasonably. 

Here’s the point:  This was a big waste of time and potentially taxpayer dollars (well, not completely potentially, their time is our taxpayer money), and a strong message needs to be sent to knock this nonsense off.  You’d think the repeated NO votes and killings in committee would put an end to this coming up every year, but no. State Senator Ken Gordon is on this Electoral College destruction crusade, and if our Longmont reps want to go along with him, they will be held accountable.  In the final committee meeting on this bill, Mr. Pommer heard from experts that this bill violates both the Colorado and U.S. Constitution, need to read that again?  Mr. Gordon probably knew this as well, did Mr. Shaffer?  If not, what kind of attorney is this that either doesn’t know the law or will knowingly violate it? And have the gall to not allow voters to have any say on it!  Given all that, Mr. Pommer continued supporting the bill in the meeting until it’s needed death.

Here is a link to the committee report  I will ask each of the three above, and you should as well, to take a hint and pledge to not sponsor or vote for any similar scam like SB46.

If they won’t, then you know all you need to know about how they serve you as your representatives:  Voters, committees, and their repeated messages be damned, we’ll be renegades and do what’s best for our party, not our state or country.  Which pledge will it be?

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