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Two years ago, Travis Henry wrote me about YourHub.com and invited me to join, saying he “looked forward to me stirring up some debates”, and to “go crazy”. I don’t know about the latter, but I’ll give the former a try. Also, seeing only 2 regular bloggers here, I figured I better add to the 1 per year average. I run and contribute to many websites/blogs, but local issues has always been at the top of my list.

I can be harsh and direct at times, but it’s all mostly tongue-in-cheek, using sarcasm and humor to get across the importance of local issues.

My main goal is to stir up public interest and awareness on topics close to home, things that Joe Sixpack can actually have some say and effect on. I don’t pretend to be a wordsmith or journalist, nor do I play one on TV. I’m also not interested in making friends of those in power, it would dilute me calling BS on them when they need it, which I’ve done with candidates of both parties, including some I’ve voted for.

I hope you find some of my entries interesting, but I’m also not running for a popularity contest. We won’t always agree, nor should we.
Have the day of your choice.

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About Chris Rodriguez

Chris is the editor/publisher of LightningRod Blog - as well as founder/editor of Wrongmont, Longmont Advocate, Vote!Longmont, Longmont Politics, the LightningRod Radio Network, as well as being the original Longmont Examiner. Chris is a writer and talker - whether it be blogs, podcasts, music, or public speaking. When he's not heard on Air Traffic radio, he can be heard on his podcasts or seen in the local paper causing trouble.

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