2 Voters, 3 Ballots!?

Today’s our lucky day. While most of you only get to vote once, we get an extra vote! The city or county must like how we think, otherwise why would they give us an extra ballot? I must have greased the right palms.

Yep, that’s right, we, actually Mrs. Wrongmont, got two ballots for the price of one. They’re identical in every way, so she wasn’t counted as two different people ( some might disagree). I’ve never seen this before, but if it could happen to us, what’s to say it hasn’t happened to other voters in the city/county?

Our extra ballot has a date with the shredder, but what would you do if this happened to you? Sell it? Submit it? Frame it? Would their election machines catch the duplicate? Is there a law against voting twice if you received two ballots?

Strange and interesting stuff.

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