LA009: Twitter, Skype, Think Local, killing a website, and Relay for Life

LA-w-ChrisJune 8, 2008 Show

Fuzz by Lords Of Fuzz

Website updates and Twitter
Skype explanation
Think Local First and Best of Longmont
Grocery Tax Repeal repealed
George Marxmiller Update

Boulder Taxes
Single stream recycling
Firestone anti-annexation petition

You Are I Am by 38 Acres

Demise of East Boulder Co. Politics
Wal-Mart Supercenter Spring 2010
DNC protest groups splintering
Boulder City Council wants raises

City Council Watch
June 3 meeting comments
June 10 agenda
Proclamation for Relay For Life Day
Ballad of Jon Turner by Jeff Caylor
Hwy 119 Annexations and Airport resolutions

Upcoming city events
Planning and Zoning on Channel 3
Write this Podcast in on City Survey
No show on June 15th Happy Fathers Day
June 22nd Odd Austin Aeshliman Interview

The End by Polaradio

Runtime: 36:18

Contact info:
Skype ID: longmontadvocate
message/fax: (206)309-7132
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