LITH045: 11/23/08

LET THE SEASON BEGIN – Winter 2008/2009 is about to start, with the kickoff being November 26, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – the supposedly “busiest day of the year”. Some would say the following Sunday is, or the day after Christmas, etc etc, we will see. Either way, the projections so far are not much lower than last year, regardless of any economic downturn. We have a bunch of newbies at Eagle, as in the first winter for the entire crowd at the tower, and some rookies at Farmington, too. We’ll try to be gentle, try I said.
READERSHIP BOOMING – Regardless of the lack of updates (like over a year and a half), we appear to be up to 8 readers here at The Hole. It’s not as if nothing’s occurred over that time period, quite the contrary, just no time to report it all. For you newer readers, go back and read from the beginning, or at least the description of what this is all about. The time away from here has been spent writing (and podcasting) elsewhere on local issues, and the multitude of hobbies yours truly spends his time on…oh and wife and kids and stuff.
SAD LOSS FOR THE HOLE – Unfortunately, since the hiatus we’ve had a death in The Hole family. Scotty (aka Roy McFadden/SW) who was the other contributor to this site, succumbed to cancer not long after retiring. I kept in touch with him after he moved back home to Kentucky, but he’d come out here and instruct skiers at Keystone from time to time. He was a great guy and a friend to everyone he met. Rest in peace S-dub.

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