Pommer fesses up, pays up, sort of

So much for the supposed partisan attack machine. Yes, someone to look up to and admire. Actually, by the quotes given below, sounds a little Forrest Gump’ish and hapless. Unlike some other whiners in town, I won’t stomp my feet DEMAND you all admit I was right. The comment at the end of the Face The State piece is a good one: all you chumps who contributed money to his campaign, did you know you were funding this kind of ineptitude? Yes, he wrote the check from his campaign committee funds. Jokes on you!

This from the Denver Post:
File this under “embarrassing”
A Boulder lawmaker is socked with $20,000 in late fees for missing numerous finance-report deadlines.
By Jessica Fender

It’s stupid. It’s embarrassing.
And, really, there’s not a good explanation why it happened, says Rep. Jack Pommer.
The Boulder Democrat missed multiple campaign-finance report-filing deadlines and racked up about $20,000 in late fees over two years.
“I screwed up a lot of paperwork,” said Pommer.
Lawmakers who miss monthly disclosure deadlines accrue fines of $50 a day. Part of Pommer’s debt, which began accruing in 2007, was sent to a collection agency and amassed more late fees.
Pommer, a member of the legislature’s powerful Joint Budget Committee, on Tuesday wrote the secretary of state’s office a check for $15,000 taken from his campaign account. The withdrawal wiped out his funds on hand.
Pommer said he had no new expenditures or fundraising to report, and it was a matter of logging on to a state website and pressing a button.
The delinquency was first noted by Face the State, a conservative blog and news site.
The lack of disclosure incensed Colorado Ethics Watch.
“All candidates, but especially incumbent officials, are expected to strictly adhere to legal requirements for transparency in their campaign activities,” said Chantell Taylor, director of the watchdog group. “Rep. Pommer shirked those obligations by ignoring the well-established campaign filing deadlines, and this is not the first time.”
Pommer also missed deadlines when he first arrived at the House but asked then-Secretary of State Donetta Davidson to waive the fines. She did.
Pommer, a former businessman, acknowledged that bureaucracy has never been his strong suit.
“I had a great business partner, who was really good at paperwork, which is why we didn’t go out of business,” Pommer said.
And this from Face The State:
Pommer pays up

Hours after a Face the State report exposed Rep. Jack Pommer, D-Boulder, for owing close to $20,000 to the state for fines relating to delinquent campaign finance reports, he appeared in the Secretary of State’s office, check in hand and ready to settle.

Pommer forked over $15,000 to the Secretary of State, writing a check from his campaign committee. He has appealed to the Secretary of State for a waiver of the balance, which includes $4,050 for his latest delinquent report and outstanding fees from the state collections agency.
Details of his assessed penalties and appeal for a waiver can be seen here (PDF).

Either Secretary of State Bernie Buescher, a Democrat, or Deputy Secretary Bill Hobbs will make the final call on waiving the balance of fees owed by Pommer.

It’s good to see that Pommer finally filed his report from January and was so quick to pay his outstanding fees once they were publicized. But writing a check for $15,000 from his campaign committee raises another issue: would his donors be glad to know their generous contributions went to pay late fees for irresponsible filings? We think not.
Pommer did not return calls for comment.

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