Pommer has no time for campaign rules

Face The State has broken the story that State House Representative Jack Pommer (Democrat – District 11) owes nearly $20,000 for delinquent filings. The entire article can be found here, but here are some highlights:

He sits on the powerful Joint Budget Committee and chairs the House Appropriations Committee“, sounds sort of like US Representative Charlie “tax cheat extraordinaire” Rangel (Democrat – NY), doesn’t it? These types that make the tax rules for the rest of us, yet can’t be bothered with following any rules.

Since 2006, Pommer and his registered agent David Kirk have filed at least five delinquent reports, one of which is still accumulating fines.” “Pommer successfully ran for re-election in 2008, and has yet to file his report on contributions and expenditures due January 15, 2009“. Apparently you can see all of these reports, including being sent to collections, at the Secretary of State’s website (view it here click on View All Scanned Documents). Mr. Pommer and Company appear to not be very responsive to email, or snailmail to his home address or his registered agents address.

What a great example representing us!

Mr. Pommer also made the news last week when he accidentally let out the following admission:
(also from Face The State) “Weaning somebody off a subsidy is God awful painful when somebody gets used to having somebody else pay for them. When you take that money they howl, they scream, and they fight like crazy to keep it.” Oops, was his mic supposed to be on? While I find the old time western imagery of his “God awful painful” description entertaining – sounds like something straight out of “Old Yeller” – he accidentally let out the leftist argument for keeping people down and nearly into servitude with these social programs that do far more harm than good.

This is that age old complete nonsense that people have bought into for decades, that the Democratic Party is for the little guy. Can this permanently be put to rest? It’s one of the biggest lies ever told. Keeping people in their place through intentional separating based on circumstances (the left is superb at class warfare) often is nothing but intentional or unintentional racism.

Do people at times need help? Absolutely, but the left’s idea of help is permanent reliance on government mostly for the purpose of votes and office retention. Are there exceptions? Are some of these types genuinely concerned for the plight of these people? Perhaps, but those are diluted by the ones doing it purely for political reasons. With Mr. Pommers admission here, he just doesn’t want to have to put up with the racket made by his constituents who are so used to all this free government cheese. He knows he’ll be reminded “hey, we voted for you, we expected this to continue” just like Betsy Markey is being reminded how she got into office and what’s expected of her.

Of course the irony in Mr. Pommers case, and no doubt hundreds of other representatives at various levels, is that they, while they campaign, tell these same people “remember what I’ve given you (actually what the taxpayers through the government have given you) when it’s time to vote. Those big bad other guys may cut it off, don’t forget!” Sounds like mobsters, but that would be giving mobsters a bad name.

If you’d like to contact Representative Pommer, I’d like to say he can be reached (but it appears he can’t be reached) at (303)866-2780 or jack.pommer.house@state.co.us . Good luck.

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