Longmont foreclosures show no sign of slowing

It was a “good news/bad news” kind of week for foreclosures in Longmont. The good news, if you want to call it that, was that there were fewer total foreclosures in the paper – but that’s probably only because the 6 that dropped off ran their 8-week publishing requirement in the paper, they’re probably still in foreclosure. The other good news, for councilmembers who are mostly staying quiet on this subject, is that some of the new ones had Longmont addresses but weren’t in the city limits. So, they can’t vote for/against who runs/sits on council.

Many of the other new foreclosures were in Lafayette, Erie, and especially Boulder.

The bad news is that Longmont is still keeping pace of over 1 new foreclosure a day. This week there were 9 new foreclosures.

Again, these all come from the Saturday Classified section of the Longmont Times-Call in the Legal section. This is the section that some noise has been made lately by Councilmembers McCoy and Benker over the issue of the Times-Call printing ordinances and resolutions. But I guess it’s just a coincidence that I also get the information for these foreclosures from the exact same Legal section – which I started doing April 11, 2009 (but thought about doing it months sooner). Maybe they don’t like unfavorable (but true) news of all the foreclosures occuring right under their noses, and during their tenure (regime). You wouldn’t know, they hardly ever bring it up.

What will it be next week, appeal a losing battle with Firestone and LifeBridge Christian Church?

Here’s this weeks map:

View Longmont Foreclosures in a larger map

Blue= 4/11/09 16 new entries (41 total)
Red= 4/18/09 20 new entries (55 total)
Green= 4/25/09 8 new entries (47 total)
Yellow= 5/2/09 9 new entries (48 total)
Purple-5/9/09 13 new entries (62 total)
Magenta-5/16/09 9 new entries (56 total)
Blue(pin)-5/23/09 16 new entries (52 total)
Red(pin)-5/30/09 15 new entries (62 total)
Green(pin)-6/6/09 9 new entries (63 total)
Yellow(pin)-6/13/09 9 new entries (57 total)

Breakdown by Ward since I started keeping track (4/11/09)
Ward 1=60 (Councilmember: Brian Hansen, most foreclosures-least responsive)
Ward 2=48 (Councilmember: Karen Benker, up for re-election Nov ’09)
Ward 3=31 (Councilmember: Sean McCoy, rumored Mayoral candidate Nov ’09)

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