Longmont councilmember’s mistatement of facts

Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy is either telling a bold faced lie, has been misled, or is trying to mislead in his statements about the amount of Executive Sessions this current council has held. Just so no one’s being taken out of context or misquoted, watch this video:

That quote was “we’ve (this council) had no more Executive Sessions than any other council that he (his father Tom McCoy) served on (which was up until 2005).” Got it? Pretty straightforward statement. He then went on his tirade insulting citizens who dare question that, or him. (see related More insults from Longmont City Council’s “educator”)

Well, there’s only one version of the truth and facts can be pesky things. Here are a few facts:

From 1991-2002 the most Executive Sessions in one year was 8 (in 2002).
For those 12 years the average yearly amount of Executive Sessions was
From 2003-2007 the most Executive Sessions in one year was
10 (in 2003).
For those 5 years the average yearly amount of Executive Sessions was

During those 17 years there were several new councilmembers who came on board, I’m sure they had to be “brought up to speed” on legal issues as well. I guess they were just speedier learners than the “Class of 2007”.

Sean McCoy and his fellow voting bloc (Benker, Hansen, and Levison) came on in late 2007.
Executive Sessions for 2008 = 16
Executive Sessions for 2009 = 11 (just up until June)

That’s 27 over a 19 month period, almost 1.5 per month!

What was that statement he made during the council meeting again? “We’ve had no more Executive Sessions than any other council that he served on.”

Mr. McCoy should really get his facts and stories straight before going on a rant, which included insulting citizens who were technically correct to complain about the high amount of (secret) Executive Sessions. Mr. McCoy owes the public an apology over these, at best, misleading series of statements, at worse, a flat out lie to further his argument and attack on citizens.

These councilmembers took an oath when they were sworn in. Wouldn’t that make all of their statements made during a meeting considered “under oath“? I’m not a lawyer, but someone should seriously look into the legal ramifications of Mr. McCoys actions at the August 18, 2009 Longmont City Council meeting to see if censure, at the very least, is appropriate in this situation.

Or is lying from a city council seat, in council chambers, during council proceedings acceptable now?

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2 Responses to Longmont councilmember’s mistatement of facts

  1. Rick Justice says:

    There are so many things that Mr. McCoy claims to be that anyone can
    barely keep up. In several mouths-
    ful he wanted the firing range for
    police only and then stated that he is worried about the number of people who have firearms. But he says that is not to say he is not anti-gun? And possible terrorists having too many guns.This type
    of “double-speak” is what he is so
    well known for. The highlight of council meetings. LISTEN UP WARD 3
    as your representative speaks. Are
    you hearing what he says?

    Rick Justice

  2. Hair Trigger says:

    Lunatic fringe” ??? What would that be? The Longmont Daily Times-Call? Is councilman McCoy calling the newspaper the lunatic fringe?

    Perhaps he’s addressing Longmont voters as the lunatic fringe? The voters are either deranged, or stupid. The lunatic fringe who come to council sessions couldn’t possibly be voters, could they? Mr. McCoy must subscribe to stand by our representatives “right or wrong” because they are elected. I often hear this comment from elected officials. So I’d like to take this opportunity to give the whole quote and name the source.
    To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.
    Teddy Roosevelt

    Mr. McCoy teaches civics at Monarch High. He must know this quote. It should not be reserved for the president, but all who serve the people. Ah, not the people, but the lunatic fringe.
    Council member McCoy has forgotten who he serves: the voters and the lunatic fringe.
    The lunatics of Ward 3 should consider recalling Mr. McCoy, as unpatriotic and servile as they may be. They are not being served.
    – Hair Trigger

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