Reveal lawsuits’ cost (Times Call letter to the editor – published 9/8/09)

It’s time for the City of Longmont to tell it’s residents the running total for costs involved in the ongoing lawsuits and appeals with the town of Firestone over the LifeBridge Union annexation, including the monthly cost for the attorneys in this particular case. We’ve heard a lot about the open space involved and how we need to keep Longmont a “free-standing” community. But, this is an election issue.

City council members who are up for re-election have taken public positions on this as have candidates who are running. Councilmembers Karen Benker and Roger Lange, as well as candidate Kaye Fissinger have stated publicly that they support the city continuing the lawsuits. Councilmember Gabe Santos has asked during a council meeting that it be dropped, and candidate Katie Witt has stated publicly that it also be dropped. Because the legal aspects of this issue have been discussed behind closed doors, the voting public deserves to know the amount that this is costing the taxpayers of Longmont in order to make an informed decision this November and properly weigh whether a candidates postion is valid based on the pros and cons of this important campaign issue.

Promote transparency and allow the voters to make an informed decision, including what voting for a candidate and his/her position on this means and the cost or benefit to them. Anything less is a disservice to the voters of Longmont and they deserve to know the facts.

Brigette Rodriguez
Coordinator, Vote! Longmont


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