Shifting blame for incompetence and failure

It was with great amusement as I watched Longmont City Councilman Sean McCoy go on the attack at the September 1, 2009 Longmont City Council meeting.  I will only speak for my part of his tirade, LIFT and Longmont Report can speak on their own behalf.  I will point out that LIFT’s blog hasn’t had any entries on it for over a year, and Longmont Report hasn’t had any activity since last February.  He also mentioned YourHub, which the Longmont hub has slowed to a trickle of activity in the last year.  Most of the Longmont specific articles and nearly all politically related articles are written by myself.  So it’s obvious who he’s talking about.

So, lets go through his tirade one point at a time:

  • He endorsed Richard Juday’s Civil Campaigns concept.  Ironically, earlier in the day I had had some communications back and forth with Richard about this, sharing my ideas and concerns.  I thought it was pretty productive and constructive.  But what Mr. McCoy did following this endorsement reinforced my main concern with this group, and of course stuck a shank in the back of those trying to get this group going.  Why do I doubt that this group, headed by his father Tom McCoy will “denounce” Sean McCoy for what he just did?  This will show what this group is made of, or if it’s just a sham protecting like-minded council members and candidates.
  • He used the terms “radical” “negative” “fringe groups” and “radical fringe elements” to go after people he disagrees with.  All I can say about that: deluded paranoia.  And this guy is a teacher!
  • His laundry list of placing blame goes beyond the point of ridiculous.  I would like one shred of proof to the following.  According to him, I/we have:
  1. “hurt businesses and financial opportunities for Longmont and her citizens”
  2. are responsible for “the millions of dollars in commercial real estate rentals that must have been lost”
  3. negatively effected “job growth for Longmont citizens”
  4. and if we hadn’t been “so negative in their actions” more “home sales”could have ocurred.  

Now, even if you disagree with everything I’ve ever written, if you think 1 person out of a population of nearly 90,000 people on a blog like this that cost ZERO could do all that – you are either a) a mental patient where “incredibly stupid” doesn’t even begin to cover the diagnosis, b) so blind (or fearful) in your allegiance to this ideology that you’re beyond reason and help, or c) giving me/us way too much credit – but thanks for the thought!  I am a bit flattered that he and his ilk think I have that kind of influence, as misguided and delusional as those claims are, but I just don’t find it remotely possible.

Thankfully, I know most normal people (the vast majority) see this exactly for what it is: a political hatchet job and the attempt to silence detractors.  This is not new for me, but this is now being done at a governmental level with Mr. McCoy speaking as an elected representative of the City of Longmont.

I’m sure I don’t have to point out to any rational thinking person that all Mr. McCoy is attempting here is shifting the blame that rightly belongs with himself and his fellowbloc of 4” members (Karen Benker, Sarah Levison, and Brian Hansen) who have dragged this city and its image to gutter levels.  Their anti-business, anti-growth, and anti-religious policies speak for themselves inside and outside of this city.

The simple fact is they don’t like anyone to actually point out any of the above, and this is one extreme they will go to to try to silence and turn the public against their critics.  Another method is the Civil Campaign Committee Mr. McCoy endorsed.  Another method is the onerous and convoluted “Fair” Campaign Practices Act.  People like Mr. McCoy either assume you aren’t paying attention, or are too stupid to understand and are easily manipulated.

Me?  I don’t care one way or another if you read or follow what I write.  Take it or leave it, buy my arguments or not.  I’m not into treating adults like children (except for those who act like children) and figure you don’t need to be told how to think by some nebulous committee or an elected loudmouth.

I know, because I’m told, that many of you will not get into this ring out of fear of retribution – either as a city employee, or a business that fears for their leases with the city, or the city making life or continuing to stay in business extremely difficult.  But some of us out here say the things you think but are afraid to say out loud.  We get all kinds of nastiness thrown our way for doing it – like vandalism to our house; insults to our wives, family, and even our dog;  racial epithets; and internet stalking, intimidation, and harassment.

But next time this could be you under the proverbial gun.  Are you “radical”?  Do you consider truth, or ones opinion of truth, “fringe” or “radical”?  Do you appreciate government officials leveling these kinds of attacks and insults, whether it is on the federal level collecting email addresses and comments they consider “shady”, or at the local level displaying this utter contempt for citizens?

I’m not asking for your sympathy or money, I don’t need either.  I’m suggesting you get involved in your own way and be heard on this.  Or sit idly by and hope you’re not next.

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One Response to Shifting blame for incompetence and failure

  1. Rick Justice says:

    “Let’s form a committee” said Richard Juday – I know that people
    will bow down and stop whatever they are doing when Tom McCoy says
    to “cut that out” and do as he tells them. Nevermind that people have 1st amendment rights to say what they want to whom they want as well as anywhere they want in any manner that pleases them. And as a wannabe council person he would seek out other like minded people leaning toward his ultimate
    but thinly veiled goal of control of what anybody says to or about anybody else. We, the people of Longmont are already familiar with
    the “real McCoys” and their antics
    and want nothing to do with them or their ideas. A CIVIL CAMPAIGN concept is not wanted now or ever in our democracy. Anyone wishing to “control” what the media gets to publish about what is said in “secret” meetings where they make up policy and vote on it behind closed doors against the
    Open Meetings Laws should look in their mirrors and see which of the
    world”s dictators they resemble.

    Get rid of the “4” by any means available and deemed necessary. I see “recall” in their immediate future. Longmonters are sick of their reckless unabated spending.
    They have their own agenda and we are paying for it. We pay for any and all legal actions against them
    “win or lose” Stop this idiocy at the polls. Stomp it out. Change
    our future for the better. Return the “block of 4” to civilian life.

    Rick Justice “one of those out there on the fringe of society” and proud of it.

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