Firestone’s noose tightening around Longmont

Firestone finds way to Union
Mayor says move could void litigation
Times-Call October 23, 2009
Firestone moves closer to developing Union parcel in Longmont
Denver Post October 26, 2009

People can’t say they weren’t warned about this.  The Benker Bloc and their allies running for Council (Fissinger and Van Dusen) and to some extent Mayor Lange, need to have a “come to Jesus” moment on this one.  I warned back in May 2008 that Longmont’s strategizing was awful and it was just about checkmate.

Now this needs to be collectively hung around the necks of the above parties, including the detestable “What’s In It For Longmont” group and their mindless followers – many of which are campaign contributors to the candidates above.

Just do a search in the upper left side of this page and use the terms “Firestone” “LifeBridge” “Union Annexation”  and “anti-LifeBridge” to get a history of this sad saga in Longmont’s history.

Not just are the people who drove this issue losers, but all of us taxpayers in Longmont are also losers in this situation.  Thanks for worse than nothing.

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