Here comes the astroturfing

Citizens of Longmont, prepare.  You’re about to be astroturfed!
(If you need a definition of astroturfing, here’s the definition according to Wikipedia)
I’m sure you’ve heard of grassroots efforts.  Well, the opposite of that, the manufactured kind of fake support is fake grass, aka astroturf.  The Obama-bots and their arm Organizing For America are the Houston Astros of astroturfing, fakery and fraud down to an art form.  I’m sure you’ve seen their signs that are uniform in color and design (and intentionally so, to look like Obama’s campaign signs) at various events where they inject themselves, usually uninvited.
Well, now the mother party is injecting themselves into our local non-partisan city council race.  According to the Longmont Dim(wit)s, er Dems – “participate in a lit drop for the 3 Democratic City Council candidates.” They don’t name those 3 City Council candidates, but we’ll assume it’s Karen Benker, Kaye Fissinger, and Bill Van Dusen based on previous articles here and there.
Funny how I heard these same types complain when some candidates went to a Republican Women forum (they despise women with differing views) crying foul that political parties shouldn’t get involved.  After this I don’t want to hear any more of this hypocritical double standard swill that they peddle endlessly.  Some of these same candidates that went to the Republican function went to the Longmont Area Democrat forum, where they had to endure a number of questionably hand picked questions.
So look for literature to drop on a porch near you.  I’m sure their candidates names will look really attractive in Obama Blue with the same fonts and catch phrases.  Their meeting to discuss this will be at the Longmont Public Library on Oct 17 at 9:00am.  Don’t expect to be allowed in.  This is a secret society after all.

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4 Responses to Here comes the astroturfing

  1. Anonymous says:

    By library rules, all meetings held in library meeting rooms *must be* open to the public. This issue came up a few years ago, forcing the library to put this rule into effect. The only way you can be turned away is if the room is at capacity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t call names. Although I do share some of the same views as you, I am a lifelong Democrat, just not a “progressive”. Since these guys are louder than the middle of the road Dems like me, sometimes I wonder if there is still room in my party for people like me. Now I know how the republicans felt when the social and religious right took over their party. Anyway, it reflects poorly on you when you do that and detracts from whatever point you are trying to make.

  3. I appreciate the comment, but I’ll add if you only knew the things they say about me and others they disagree with. Don’t misunderstand me, I am in no way painting ALL Democrats this way, I know too many that are decent people and feel like their party has betrayed them. I just know enough people in the particular organizations I mentioned(LAD, OFA) to see them for what they are. And I’m with you on your Republican comment, I’m by no means a water carrier for them.
    Sorry if my wide paintbrush got paint on you, the decent silent majority in that party needs to be heard more – and these radicals less.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m a registered Republican, far from hardlined conservative and often am confused for being a registered Dem (which I think is so wrong to have to have to state that I’m a card carrying member of any group as this creates a “label”) but do support the more fiscally conservative Dems. I actually like to follow and keep up with what the larger scale group groups like the Blue Dog Democrats are trying to do to bring balance.

    I do agree with the hypocrisy of it all and can understand your slightly tempered rage at how some of the more liberal Dems here in the Longmont community operate.

    I find humor in how those known in our Longmont Dem group go nuts after Longmont Republicans for the very same things they themselves do. Your article only shines yet another light on that very issue.

    It’s okay for them to promote only the “Democratic” candidates? What about who’s best for Longmont? So they will promote Benker, Fissinger, and VanDusen along partisan lines yet at least two of those have made some huge costly mistakes or misstatements about our community? Very self serving indeed.

    I’m surprised they won’t promote Alex Sammoury for his green initiative way of thinking and the fact that he has many Democratic friends. Wonder what his Dem friends think of handing out literature for his two opponents?

    The decision of the Longmont Dems to do this is not in the best interest of all of Longmont.

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