Oct. 3, 2009 Longmont foreclosure report

Well, turns out whoever publishes foreclosures was just on vacation last week.  Foreclosures came storming back this week with 24 new filings!  I figured it was too good to be true. 

With unemployment creeping up again for September, and the “actual” unemployment figure around 17% (defined in this Washington Post story as The unofficial number starts with the official rate and then adds in everyone else who should be working full time but is not, including those whose hours have been reduced from full time to part time, those who have become so discouraged they have given up looking for work and others who are “marginally attached to the labor force.” Many economists believe this rate is a truer measure of the health of the economy – it’s no wonder there is no end in sight for foreclosures. 

Funny, I thought the mindless brigade on council (Benker, McCoy) said it was mostly bloggers’ fault.  Enjoying that Hope and Change?

Here is this weeks map:

View Longmont Foreclosures in a larger map

Blue= 4/11/09 16 new entries (41 total)
Red= 4/18/09 20 new entries (55 total)
Green= 4/25/09 8 new entries (47 total)
Yellow= 5/2/09 9 new entries (48 total)
Purple-5/9/09 13 new entries (62 total)
Magenta-5/16/09 9 new entries (56 total)
Blue(pin)-5/23/09 16 new entries (52 total)
Red(pin)-5/30/09 15 new entries (62 total)
Green(pin)-6/6/09 9 new entries (63 total)
Yellow(pin)-6/13/09 9 new entries (57 total)
Purple(pin)-6/20/09 14 new entries (62 total)
Magenta(pin)-6/27/09 13 new entries (55 total)
Blue=7/4/09 10 new entries (53 total)
Red=7/11/09 17 new entries (61 total)
Green=7/18/09 12 new entries (59 total)
Yellow=7/25/09 10 new entries (61 total)
Purple=8/1/09 15 new entries (63 total)
Magenta=8/8/09 6 new entries (59 total)
Blue(pin)=8/15/09 16 new entries (58 total)
Red(pin)=8/22/09 14 new entries (61 total)
Green(pin)=8/29/09 11 new entries (60 total)
Yellow(pin)=9/5/09 18 new entries (65 total)
Purple(pin)=9/12/09 12 new entries (69 total)
Magenta(pin)=9/19/09 27 new entries (81 total)
9/26/09 0 new entries (65 total)
Blue(pushpin)=10/3/09 24 new entries (76 total)

Breakdown by Ward since I started keeping track (4/11/09)
Ward 1=143 (Councilmember: Brian Hansen)
Ward 2=111 (Councilmember: Karen Benker) (up for re-election)
Ward 3=74 (Councilmember: Sean McCoy)

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