When they have nothing else, they lie

Well, seems that a contributor and donor of in-kind contributions for the Karen Benker campaign has just libeled me on the Boulder Weekly website.  I keep being reminded since I’m a public figure, I just have to get used to crap hurled at me from all directions regardless if it’s true or not.  Usually it’s the Times-Call who will run some half-baked letter from an equally half-baked Longmont citizen who spouts off over me, by name.  “Rules of the game” I’m reminded by them.
I don’t mind it most of the time, until it’s a flat out libelous lie.  Like this one.
(UPDATE: The fine folks at the Boulder Weekly have removed the false accusation below, and I sent my thanks to them.  I’d still like to know where this guy thinks he saw the following:)

A Daniel Organ of 1536 Foster Ct, Longmont, CO  80501 (in the public record under Benker’s campaign report) just said this:  “One of the many outlandish and hateful lies coming from Chris Rodriguez is that Karen Benker wears a nightgown with the words Kill All Christians on it.”

Not only have I never said or wrote that anywhere, I didn’t even think it.  Nor have I seen it on any other site.  If Mr. Organ has actually seen this somewhere attributed to me, I’d sure be interested in seeing where it is.  Until then, his statement in itself is a “outlandish and hateful” lie, and I’ll add libelous.  

I’m sure he, and others who dislike my brand of commentary, are fully aware of the legal team that is backing me in a fairly large Federal lawsuit against the City of Longmont.  You know, the one we just scored a huge victory with?  If he, or any of you, want to play this game, you better be up for it.  

Nothing short of a full public apology will do, or one hell of a correction.  I’ve already let the Boulder Weekly know what might be coming down the pike on this one.  Maybe Ms. Benker’s backers think they can lie and push people around, I guarantee that will not be the case here.

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