24 reasons why Benker is Wrong for Longmont

The endless stream of lies, distractions, and half-truths from the Karen Benker campaign over the last few months is enough to make any normal head explode.  It’s really an amazing thing to watch; the spinning, bobbing, and weaving from Ms. Benker herself, and from her team of antagonizers who throw anything against the wall to see if it will stick.  The saddest are the ones who comment in the Times-Call annonymously and repeat the same drivel over and over, hoping fresh eyes may stumble upon it and actually believe it.  And then there’s the writers to the Open Forum and the Boulder Weekly – some of which I know, some I don’t – who just can’t stand that I get any ink at all.  And that I get any actual traction.  I never apologize for being effective, deal with it.
But there’s always one underlying tone:  they rarely challenge any of the facts I present, but instead just attack me.  So, to wrap it all up and put a nice little bow on it, please check out the links below.  If you’re still on the fence on what to think of Ms. Benker as a council member and candidate, you’ve just had too much Koolaide and are beyond help.  If you only buy half of the following, that’s still should be troubling enough. 
5/19/09 Longmont Airport prairie dogs could cost city federal funding – Benkers involvement in the FAA/Airport/Prairie Dog Fiasco
6/8/09 City of Longmont may move lucrative ad buys from local paper –  Benker’s “Shop Local” campaign ends at the Times-Call’s door as she tries to remove ordinance printing from the local paper.
6/8/09 Longmont City Council vs. Longmont Times-Call  – The Benker Bloc sets all-time records for secret Executive Sessions, and the Times-Call sues them for it.
6/15/09  Council being dishonest about emails – Of all the council members, Benker is the least open with the required forwarding of city related emails.
7/1/09 Longmont city councilmember pledges whopping $66 to furloughed city employees  – Benker really shows some empathy to city employees she furloughs – NOT.
7/29/09 Longmont council member fought for city grant to her non-profit – Benker uses the power of her position to benefit H.O.P.E., skates away from investigation/prosecution, but still unethical.
8/3/09 Benker’s irresponsible “dying mall” comment – Benker’s true feelings of the mall escape at a Council meeting, bringing joy and excitement to mall tenants – NOT.
8/11/09 Benker’s thugs discuss strategy via email – Here’s the plan to get anyone who dares question Queen Karen.
8/26/09 Benker kneecaps public speakers – Benker can’t follow standard rules when she’s playing Mayor, and the public suffers for it.
9/16/09 Benker taking credit where none is due – This is about Clover Basin, and the repeated lie Ms. Benker and her blind followers have repeated over and over.  This tax was NOT ended in July like she says, period.
9/21/09 Secret meetings nothing new for Benker – Word of Open Meeting problems dating back to the ’90’s when Benker was on the RTD Board.
9/25/09 Profiles in incivility: Karen Benker – some of Benker’s mean and nasty side come out in emails she’d probably rather not have seen by the public.
9/29/09 Campaign Sign Warfare – The Benker Bots get out and place their signs in private land without permission and remove their competitors signs. 
10/1/09 Dueling in the Times-Call Open Forum – When Benker can’t argue the points, she attacks the messenger – just like her campaign team.
10/4/09 Benker decries, then engages in dirty politics – Benker is seen leaving a candidate forum with the supporter who attacks her opponent for her.
10/8/09 Complaints filed over political call, flier by Benker – After voting for the Election Committee and funding it’s lawyers, Benker uses it to strike back at opinions she doesn’t like.
10/11/09 Benker’s achilles heel: The Twin Peaks Mall – The sad history of Benker’s involvement in the failing Twin Peaks Mall.
10/13/09 Councilmembers, candidates, and citizens who stalk others – Benker and her supporters check out homes and workplaces of people they don’t like or agree with.
10/17/09 Benkers Clover Basin mistruth proven – The vote to end the Clover Basin fire tax finally happens, proving Benker and pals were lying every day up until that vote.
10/18/09 Boulder County D.A. letter over Benker’s Open Records issues – The Open Records issue the DA is still considering, but so far just sitting on.  This issue could be the worst of them all, and won’t go away after the election, regardless of the outcome.
10/18/09 Benker’s anti-LifeBridge involvement – After council voted her down 6-1, Benker undermined that vote by holding a petition signing event at her house.
10/18/09 Benker decries robo-calls, then engages in them – First she complains about them, then she does them herself.
10/27/09 Benker’s complaint costs city hundreds – Benker uses the Election Committee to collect $600 in fines, at the cost of at least $1,800 to taxpayers!
10/27/09 Benker calls for even higher utility bills – She asks about the failed and repeatedly voted down idea of “rounding up” utility bills.
These are the FACTS and the numerous reasons why Ms. Benker not only deserves to lose this election mightily, but why there will probably be lingering legal issues long after this election, regardless of outcome.  She has been an unmitigated disaster for Longmont, has used people and committees to strike out at her detractors, and has been less than truthful under oath, on her website, and in the paper.  This election shouldn’t even be close, but if it is, that will be yet another issue worth looking into.  And it will be.
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