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The “Defend Queen Bee Benker” Brigade are really pulling in overtime with their howling in the Times-Call and Boulder Weekly (see previous post)!  One guy, who I’ve never even heard of, and you probably haven’t either, said I called him a bigot!  Go ahead, read away on this site, see where I said that.  I’ll wait……
Didn’t find it did you?  Nope, these people are desperate.  And last I checked I’m not even running for City Council, but if they want to waste their time on me, well, ain’t too smart.  Go ahead, vote against me, although my hits just keep going up.
I will call the kind of people who hurl racist things at me bigots.  I will call some of these anti-religious types amongst the anti-LifeBridge people bigots, they’ve proven that fairly well.  Haven’t seen it?  You  don’t want to, but it’s out there.

Oh, and this one always make me laugh:  If you think you’re hurting my feelings comparing me to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, both highly rated radio/tv personalities whether you agree with them or not – you’re not.  I’m sure these people in their narrow minds and equally narrow world view are meaning it as an insult (oh, the incivility!) – but for the most part no one cares what they think.  And it doesn’t hurt my feelings if people don’t care what I think either.

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