The answer to Longmont’s prairie dog problem?

What should Longmont do with those pesky varmints known as prairie dogs?  Well, here’s one idea that not only takes them out quick and painlessly, destroys their tunnel system, but also cooks them to a crisp for this great Prairie Dog Chili Festival I keep hearing about.  Hey, if Nederland can party over a frozen dead guy, why not?
The device?

The Rodenator.

What a concept! It leaves no trace chemicals behind, the local propane retailers get to make some sales, no pain and suffering (you know, that bleeding out of every orifice the rodent protectors complain about with Aluminum Phosphide) and it appears to even aerate the ground!

I’m sure this, like any and every other method to eradicate rodents where it’s not safe to have them, will be equally met with the same outrage by people that put animals far above humans.  Makes you wonder how they feel about Pest Control when they have mice or insect problems.  Having some pest control background, I know exactly how they act – “Get them out of here NOW!  Whatever it takes!

In a particularly humorous incident, one of these prairie dog advocates had one show up on her porch.  No time was wasted in calling out Animal Control, and do you think they just gave it a nice little ride to a burrow?  Guess again.

There are appropriate and inappropriate places for these animals, and they’ve started infesting areas (like the airport and near the Recreation Center and Museum) where they never existed previously.  Much of the so-called protecting some of these rodent advocates have pushed for has only increased their numbers through breeding and has resulted in more prairie dogs having to be killed.

And they call themselves animal rights activists?  Isn’t the point to kill fewer animals?  Maybe it’s time to rethink that strategy, eh Sparky?

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    So enjoyed watching this terrific video–what a wonderful way to KILL these hideous beasts. Death to the prairie dogs!

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