They just can’t help themselves

The amount of wine (the stuff you drink, not “whine”) from all of the sour grapes out there over the last election must be stacking up in cellars.  At every turn the losers (in more ways than one) of the recent Longmont municipal election are lashing out and just don’t know when to give up.  The latest example was on a KGNU radio show (listen at this link) with the dubious and corny title “Whither Longmont? on the Right Swing“.

As you know, I write, a lot.  Too much if you ask some people.  I don’t need to hide behind nicknames on the Times-Call website (it’s pretty obvious who I am there) or use fake names when I call into radio shows – especially since I don’t call into radio shows, they call me.  I also talk/write to a bunch of people all over the political spectrum, usually the more reasonable ones as I try to avoid the unhinged left in the area.  Two of those that I’ve emailed a bit lately were on this KGNU call-in show, Clay Evans and Jonathan Singer. The problem with call-in shows is you never know what kind of screwballs will call in, even if they’re on your side.

I was glad to see they both sidestepped one such caller on a couple of counts.  First, this “James” (not his real name) tried a little butt kissing about dropping the Times-Call and subscribing to the Daily Camera (where Mr. Evans works) which he then paused for validation (a common practice among a certain type of caller, and/or the generally insecure or “bootlickers” out there) but got no response.  That made me chuckle.  Then of course the irony of half of a husband and wife team denigrating another husband and wife team.  At least what we do, whether you agree with it or not, is in plain sight on a few websites.  Cowards like this guy hide behind nicknames in the comment section of a newspaper they don’t even subscribe to.  Oddly, I alluded to these people on my own radio interview a couple of days before.

Speaking of my earlier radio interview, another caller named “Dan” obviously heard it as he copied verbatim a phrase I used.  This is a trademark of the leftwing lunatic fringe in this city – they lack all originality, and steal and borrow from others at every turn.  I stopped counting how many times phrases or concepts I came up with are blatantly copied or repeated, some of it copywritten, and never with permission or credit.  I’m sure they do it partially to irritate me, but it entertains me more to know they’re best ideas are from their political opposite (aka, me).  That’s got to sting a little.

Strider Bentson also called in, and while we may not agree on everything, we talk every time we bump into each other and I have no personal issues with him.  But another caller “Bob“, who undoubtedly was Bob Norrisbrought up something that needs a lot more discussion, which I will save for an entirely separate story.

The point of this exercise was the continuing sad people in town who go after the messenger instead of the message, and the price you pay for speaking up.  Thankfully, the message I was sending out resulted in landslide victories for candidates I supported.  I guess these losers will try to copy that now, too.  That should be fun to watch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

    James…aka Griffin Dumb aka… Big** Loser.

    Now that’s an elephant in the room. One that has nothing better to do.

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