Imitation sincerest form of flattery

When your brand is down and people think your concepts are disconnected from rational people (and reality), what’s one to do?  Copy others that are successful of course!

And so it goes in Longmont with a new site and strategy every so often.  Regular readers of this site have seen the change to a look that is more like a newspaper, what a coincidence that a new site in town has picked a similar one!  I’ve had regular contributors that are often in the Times-Call, not some nobody hacks that no one knows or cares about, another coincidence as this new site has decided to copy that as well!  (The contributor part, they still are nobody hacks that no one cares about)

They even admit to getting their site name from another website (alas, I have no connection to that one, contrary to what they may think) and the irony of how they cry about people stealing their images yet they steal one themselves from said website and post it on theirs!  Somehow I doubt they got permission, but you never know.

The sad and eventual truth is that it’s from the same old crowd (What’s In It For Longmont, Stop Union Annex, etc) that make a new site which always devolves into profanity laced rants just like all their others.  New name, same modus operandi.  They can’t help who they are, and right now they are angry and losing just about every political battle they engage in.  I would almost feel sorry for them if they weren’t such loathsome creeps most of the time.

And they are stepping it up with violent imagery (“Baum Squad” with a picture of a hand grenade, and saying Mayor Baumbombed photovoltaics“), and using the excuse “the other side did it first” doesn’t cut it.  I never had to resort to such tactics to be seen and heard.  Nor did I ever have to apologize for making physical threats to my detractors, which they did – why would they feel the need to apologize (which wasn’t asked for) if they thought it as just hyperbole and harmless banter?  This is the state of the Left in Longmont, unhinged and proud of it.

And they’re recruiting!  Yes, if you are marginally literate and barely aware of actual issues in Longmont, as some of their newer “contributors” are – you may be perfect for them!  It’s hilarious to watch people dispute “facts” that they gleaned from a couple of city council meetings or coaching from the truly disconnected that couldn’t get elected (prairie) dog catcher.  But there is hope for these people:  maybe when they actually learn something they’ll learnthat they are hanging out with the worst Longmont has to offer.  Then again, that would take character and sober judgment (which if they had in the first place they’d avoid these people like the plague).

Thing is, as they devise their strategy to reclaim a council seat they think is theirs (mayor), they have 3 other seats to defend in 2011.  How it goes between now and then, and how it goes for those 3 councilmembers, is up to them.  I’m willing to work with those 3 for the betterment of Longmont, but not if they embrace the ideology and tactics of this group, which has been a disaster for Longmont for the last 2 years.  Distance from them would be smart for council members who are thinking of running for reelection.  An obvious tip: they don’t help your chances, remember I said that.

The reasons why these people are so angry?  That would take up another entire entry, so stay tuned for that…

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4 Responses to Imitation sincerest form of flattery

  1. Dave Larison says:

    I would add that many of these Progressive insurgents have lived in Longmont just a few years, practically all of them less than 10 years. People can recognize this latest leftist noise machine as an ideological agenda rather than telling the truth. I’ll take the core American values and local wisdom of our Advocate contributors, most of whom have lived here 15-40 years or more.

  2. For the record, the Baum Squad moniker isn’t original. It’s been the team name for my son’s soccer team (that I coach) for the last 3 yesrs!

  3. Keith says:

    Since monikers are vogue, here is the one I will be using for the founders of the new site mentioned.

    Longmont’s self-appointed, self-named chicken coop co-op of the 12 Apparatchiks.

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