Green Police ad rings locally

Any politically aware Boulder County resident could immediately relate to our own plague of enviro-Nazis when viewing Audi’s clever Super Bowl TV commercial Sunday…  (video is now set as private)
Look and sound familiar? How about the Boulder County commissioners and their Draconian land use policies? Or Czar Ron Stewart and his overbearing open space department? You know, the 95,000 acres, $200 million bond debt, and three running open space sales taxes for decades to come?

And don’t forget the little goodie that nearly 80% of BoCo open space is off-limits to the public, same as Longmont’s plans for its recent $8.1 million Adrian land purchase near Union Reservoir. How is my quality of life so wonderfully enhanced when I can’t even set foot on all this open space paid for with my own tax dollars?

The latest fad from the Church of Green is city-sponsored collection programs for composting food and organics. Now I’ve got nothing against composting, don’t care to do it myself (I gladly recycle otherwise), but do we really want every Longmont residence to have three different refuse bins? What’s more, a stinking compost bin invites all kinds of problems for storage and animal intrusion.

The enviros squawk about air, water, noise and light pollution, sometimes rightfully so. Who wants to add more pollution with countless trash bins on the streets and at the homes of city dwellers? Plus I don’t want my overall trash fees increasing in Longmont for another pie-in-the-sky program to appease the far left and earth-worshipers.

When is enough enough with this green utopian dream of zero waste?

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