Shooting professor a leftwing “oddball”

I know, “leftwing” and “oddball” is redundant, but the story of an Alabama professor who opened fire (yes Longmont Leftwing Loons, she used a GUN) at a school instantly reminded me of some of our local screwballs and stalkerazzi.

From the Boston Herald, these quotes were just too good to pass up on. While you read the following, think of our local examples and keep in mind that she’s a far left loon (aka Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/etc), not some right-wing pistol packin’ mama.  Dr. Amy Bishop (pictured) was described as:

  • “an awkward introvert”  (bite tongue, don’t say anything…)
  • “She was an oddball – just not very sociable,”   (hold me back…)
  • she’s a suspect in an attempted pipe bombing  (never put it past them)
  • “Bishop shot her brother to death”  (ditto)
  • “She wasn’t an attractive girl, she didn’t have friends”  (hi gals!)
  • was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.”

That last one in particular got my attention, that is so spot on for some of these people in town that just recently discovered “politics”.  It’s a pretty predictable course: they get the hero worship down pat, go way overboard, declare anyone who disagrees with them the enemy, and blindly go on the warpath.  

Ah, but the after effects are equally predictable:  their hero turns out to be quite human after all and as big of a screw-up as they are (they live vicariously through their leaders, sad as it is), realize they probably burned one too many bridges, feel like the cretins they are, and either slip back into obscurity or, like the loon above, just goes nuts.

I know many of you have no idea of what I’m talking about, figure I’m speaking in code, so I’ll make it easy for you.  Check out the Public Invited To Be Heard portion of the February 16, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting and you’ll see some there, others at (sounds like) Deranged Longmont, and the (not-so) fine folks that rail against LifeBridge and HeavenFest whenever possible – common denominator: religion.  Man, do they hate it.

Oh, and they’re obsessed with Obama… (see above)

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One Response to Shooting professor a leftwing “oddball”

  1. Gregory says:

    I didn’t know these impressions had made anyone’s radar screen. This “professor” obviously has some issues, but I very much doubt her politics made her pull the trigger. Timothy McVeigh or the IRS airplane bomber in Austin, TX? Now there we may have some serious political “issues.” And is Zazi, the mad would-be bomber from Afghanistan, a leftie or something else? Can he even be human?

    As for LifeBridge I am in the “that dog won’t hunt” camp. How? Master’s Degree in Urban Planning, and a long career in real property appraisal (NOT HOUSES) and economics. I see the original annexation as a move to extend Longmont closer to I-25, the way Loveland did it. Greeler has been gnashing its teeth for fifty years, because he interstate went close to Ft. Collins and not close to their city. Now that LifeBridge will not be part of Longmont, I notice that the emphasis has moved to Highway 66, via a “rail industrial park.” Please! Did you know that rail is only economical to carry either very high-value or very large items? How many of those are produced here? And this is NOT the economy where you say, “if you build it, they will come!” Not even if you steal them from other cities, or pay them exorbitant amounts (which we don’t have in any event).

    Considering Heaven Fest, here, too, I am opposed. It has N-O-T-H-I-N-G whatsoever to do with religion. I profess mine, and you can profess yours. Any of ’em. You can be a raving atheist; that’s okay. But when church and state get embroiled, I get nervous. You ought to see the letter I wrote my archbishop after he exposed a blatant slant toward playing in politics! And I once worked for his shop. No, I’m concerned mostly because if Longmont invites HeavenFest, for whatever fee, if any, then it will be obliged to admit ANY AND ALL even somewhat similar comers. If you deny any one, the lawsuits will make the campaign finance brouhaha look like a Sunday-school picnic. Budget breakers. So it ought to be remembered: you can’t let in just one elephant. Anyone who cares to read that ecclesiastical letter or see my math on LifeBridge (the dog still refuses to hunt!!!) is welcome to contact me. The moderator o this blog knows how to do that. But I’ll meet you at Corner Coffee. Keep my mailbox and street address invisible; right? Thank you.

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