Smells like team spirit?

It’s ironic to see how some of the more toxic of the self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ in town are finding their sources of entertainment these days.

Case in point: Longmont’s Twin Peaks Mall, which used to be the source of 22% of Longmont’s tax base and now due to the economic downturn, is hovering around 6%. Seems these self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ in Longmont can’t wait to see if it goes down on the newest council members watch so they can barf up a headline “The Baum Squad blew up the Mall!”

And now they’ve amped up their sickly glee against another foe in their ‘death watch’, in hoping (no make that getting giddy at the thought ) that the hometown newspaper, the Daily Times Call (which is one of Longmont’s largest employers) is next to be devoured by a shiny new face (which ironically has to piggyback onto it’s non Longmont big daddy newspaper or else be given away for free) and is going to steal Longmonters away. (Remember Councilmember ala transparent Sean McCoy’s contribution to the war on the Times Call?)

Even I, who write for competing media, wouldn’t wish that. The Daily Times Call is a great source of local news and a big contributor to the Longmont community. To laugh about the hardships being faced by local newspapers, or wish any of them to go under is detestable. I find it more in the best interest of Longmont to link to or promote them as often as I can.

Smells like team spirit? Depends on who’s team they are playing, and it ain’t Longmont’s.

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4 Responses to Smells like team spirit?

  1. Dave Larison says:

    How ironic that radical environmentalism trumps all things with the progressives, yet the leftist Ledger has become one of Longmont’s leading litterbugs with thousands of unwanted plastic-wrapped papers in the driveways, sidewalks, and streets around town every Sunday.

  2. gardener says:

    The TC does a great job of reporting news that is local and relevant. As a parent, my initial incentive to subscribe to this paper was it’s outstanding attention to local youth, of whom I’m proud to count three of my own. Today, I would not dream of withdrawing my financial support to this paper. As for the Ledger, I’ll keep recycling the copy they toss for free on my driveway, since I also get a copy with my Denver Post. Yes I read it too, but not so closely since it reprints the stories that the TC publishes first. Radical Environmentalism = Tree Killers?!? Who Knew?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny to see these same people also reference the water at Union Reservoir during the HeavenFest festival. I’d keep an eye out for them as I wouldn’t put it past them to try to sabotage it in order to say “I told you so”

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do like reading the Ledger as there is some interesting stuff in there, but I’ve seen the less conserative flock to it because they think it’s their new voice and will agree with them. Doesn’t Kaye Fissinger (who is one of those behind the new derange longmont website) and Ruby Bowman get their often biased and incorrect op-ed pieces in the Times Call? And now they want it to die off? Are they schizophrenic?

    I get your point in that you don’t wish the long standing publication to go down, especially if they employ large amounts of Longmonters. And to wish for the mall to die off on under the current council and laugh about the thought that it is suffering is indeed despicable. Who are these people? I’d watch my back

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