Longmont LEFT caught lying again

Over at the Longmont Advocate-wannabe website (oh, I have to say their name as obviously inept as they are they need all the help they can get: Free Range Longmont), they’ve now resorted to flat out lies and complete fabrications for content.  I’m sure it will be pulled down once they figure out someone has “punked” them, but this is more of the comedy gold that the Loony Left Without A Clue is purporting as a “source for news”.

A Wendell Wyler, probably a fake name, and more likely one of the loons we know and love, reports (and I use that term loosely) that the Longmont Examiner (who happens to be my wife) was, get this, “last seen skulking around the recent Coffee with Council – I use the word ’skulking’ because the Examiner didn’t go inside but rather remained outside in a vehicle“.

ROFL, please, do tell, what kind of vehicle was it?

Oh, the paranoia gets better with this gem: “It’s been suggested (LOL, by who?) that the only reason someone would sit in a parking lot for an entire meeting would be to record the event clandestinely with the help of a second party.”  And who might that be?  Again, please do tell!

There’s only one itsy bitsy little problem with this typically deranged charge and theory – she was at home with me at the time!  She didn’t go to this meeting!  Oh, my side is killing me.  I do enjoy these fits of laughter at the expense of these complete buffoons.  Sort of like their recent charges that I’m anonymously posting on the Times-Call – NEWSFLASH, It ain’t me who’s posting what you think.  I don’t need to, I can do it here or there under my website name.  Do I hold anything back here or under my own name anywhere to the point that I’d need to post anything anonymously?  Seriously?

These are the kinds of amateurish screw-ups that doom sites from ever being taken seriously, not that this one ever had a prayer of that.  I’m sure the story will disappear without a correction, and definitely without an apology (they did charge that because of this incorrectly reported story that the Longmont Examiner lacks manners – pot meet kettle, hahaha).

But this whole episode raises a couple of questions and concerns:  1) Since that wasn’t the Longmont Examiner they were scoping out and was just some innocent bystander sitting in a parking lot, who was this poor person and why where these people stalkingand keeping tabs on them?  That paranoia is going to get you in trouble.  And 2) Who fed them this “information”, and who is this Wendell Wyler who wrote about it?

I’ve got 3 guesses who this Wendell is, but I need to verify who was at this Coffee With Council – since neither one of us were there.  The line at the end “if you see me, you can be assured my camera/recorder will be in plain sight” clearly points to the private-citizen-and-child photographing Doug Wray (and never forget the camcorder-under-the-table-at-skirt-height at the anti-LifeBridge petition gathering), which drips with irony (yep, I love pointing out irony, in addition to hypocrisy and double standards, I can’t help it if readers copy my words) since he charged me with writing under a pseudonym.  But I also heard that John Bigger (who’s gone by “Griffin Dunne” in a couple of publications, and “James” during a radio call-in show) was at this Coffee With Council.

Does that name sound familiar?  It should if you’ve followed this site and my podcast.  I promoted and played his former band repeatedly on my podcast/website.  But the Biggers’ <Obama/Benker Infatuationgot the better of them and they put a liberal/progressive jihad out on my wife and I.  They even recruited (thankfully) former friends inthis quest.  This is what these type of people do, and now they hang with even nastier, stalking types.

Yes, this goes on right here in Longmont, sorry to report.  You’re best treating these people as if they are covered in cow dung – if you get too close you’ll feel as if you rolled around in it yourself.

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2 Responses to Longmont LEFT caught lying again

  1. I posted this to the inaccurate piece on the FRL website: “Pull the article or I will consult an attorney. I was not at the coffee with council. Had I been, you would have known I was there.”

    Here’s the response from the Free Range Longmont webmaster (who is also a taunter of injury to basset hounds and stalkerazzi of his adversaries and their children)

    “Oh by all means.

    I have deleted it.

    Please don’t sue me.”


  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Longmont Advocate,

    Since you mentioned the stalking of your wife by the leftwing lunatic fringe in Longmont, have you seen the latest laugh from Doug Wray? I’m sure your aware that he reads your website quite often, because a lot of his reactions seem based on what you write.

    I read a while back where he said stuff about you in the Longmont Ledger and someone in the comments had said that he has apparently using pictures of you and your wife and the new council’s supporters and their children at public events and then is posting them on his personal Flicker page with labels of “The Lunatic Fringe and their kids”

    Well, now it looks like he didn’t like your wife’s comment to this post and now he’s saying that the cameras that pick up images at public meetings like that at city council are no different than what he does. Is he delusional or does he think that he’s with the press?

    I think you should let the police chief who I keep seeing at council meetings know to watch out for him because he is now grabbing screen shots of children at council meetings and posting them on his Dooty and Honor blog, as he just used a screen grab of cub scouts from a recent council meeting in a blog post. There are some posts on his blog that are perveted too, even though it’s his personal blog it’s still weird when he’s writing stuff like that and in another blog post on the same blog is using screen shots of minor cub scouts at council meetings.

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