Some on Left show hypocrisy on race relations

The following appeared in the Sunday April 4, 2010 Times-Call as a Guest Opinion.  Further comments follow at the bottom.

I know I can’t be the only one who’s sick and tired of hearing this feigned outrage from the Left about racism and bigotry in America.  The recent guest opinion of Tom deMers and the ongoing vitriol from other local and national mouthpieces has further upped the ante of the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to race relations.  This laughably coming from the pro-slavery party of the 1800’s, deniers of funding for a Washington D.C. charter school made up mostly of African-American low income children, and pushers of abortion in the inner cities.  Yet they mistakenly think they have some moral high ground in this area.  Based on what I ask, the old “lie told enough times” theory?  
Mr. deMers trotted out the question of Glenn Beck’s wearing of “white hoods”.  Quite often, like minds bring up the history of the KKK in Longmont.  I’m sure that must be very reassuring to the minorities they pretend to care about.  Key word: pretend.  I don’t buy it for a second, and for good reason.

Ever since making the apparently dicey decision to speak up and out, I’ve been reminded where my place is, with quite bigoted undertones.  My ethnicity is not something I make a big deal about, but I’m sure reminded that I probably should stick to “mowing lawns” or other things “my kind of people” do.  Pop quiz: from which direction do you think those slurs come from?  I’m not going to lump every Democrat together, that wouldn’t be fair – but none of these were right-wingers.  To put it bluntly, these comments come from people who associate with Obama’s Organizing For America, the anti-LifeBridge faction, and the pro-Benker Bloc of 4 types.  The very intolerant of the supposedly tolerant.

For a town of so many Hispanics, I’m surprised they put up with the obvious race baiters and race hustlers who are in our midst.  You’re only worth something to them if you’re of a specific political bent.  Hispanics and other minorities are referred to as “political footballs” by these people – that’s all they are, a group to be conquered for electoral purposes.  How very flattering.  And if you dare step out that expected circle, you are dealt with harshly.

For instance, let’s say you’re the only Hispanic elected official in Boulder County like Longmont City Councilmember Gabe Santos.  El Comite Director Bob Norris during a KGNU radio call-in show in November stressed the importance of inclusiveness of Hispanics but didn’t hesitate in the next breath to acknowledge Mr. Santos’ only apparent accomplishments as being “Tom DeLay’s aide” and “not necessarily being progressive”.  This apparently is the behavior that wins one the Community Unity Award.

These are the same types of people who lament over Longmont’s lack of “inclusiveness”.  If someone is truly interested in inclusiveness, true inclusiveness includes everyone, not just those who share your political philosophy.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m not impressed by anyone feeling a little white guilt with meaningless overtures of inclusion.  Actions speak louder than words, and all I hear is talk.

But I do hope I speak for others when I say I don’t need some political philosophy’s approval or blessing to feel part of society – which is exactly what the Left in this country pushes, whether intentional or not.  If it’s not intentional, they need to do some serious inner searching because it comes across as elitist, pretentious, condescending, and patronizing.

Unfortunately, based on the previously mentioned guest editorial, even worse comments posted on the Internet, and personal experience, I believe this is completely intentional.  If they can get you to gullibly believe that Tea Partiers spit on and use ethnic slurs against a black congressman, even if that congressman will not verify it – without any proof whatsoever – they have your sympathy, and vote.  If on the other hand you question bullflop that seriously takes a willing suspension of disbelief, they’ve lost the argument, your ear, and your vote.

I suppose I’m not towing the expected line.  Don’t bother saving me a place in that line.

As to be expected, there are a few miscreants in town that really hate it when I get printed.  Take this befuddled and relative Longmont newcomer Don Coulson.  In just a short year or so he’s been quickly educated by the loons in town and pretty much knows everything that’s gone on and going on.  Whenever I write, he tries to dissect it with a stunning lack of reading comprehension.  I mean what I say and say what I mean, and I’m sure he saw the piece on this site that lead to the TC piece.  So let’s go through his pointless diatribe.

He mentioned “perceived insults“, no they were actual insults, in writing.  As far as the “unidentified sources“, in my original piece on this site, I identified them, and he cavorts with them and posts on their website.  “50 percent” of Longmont residents are registered Democrat?  Really?  (No, actually Unaffiliated has more than Democrat or Republican, and none have 50%, nice try though).  “Councilman Santos was racially slurred” – read the above, do I say he was racially slurred?  No.  That’s the perception of someone wanting it to say that.  And again with the “perceived Progressive had somewhere, somehow cast a racial slur” – it wasn’t perceived, it happened.  Would you prefer I call these people something other than “Progressive”?  How about Statist, Socialist, Communist?  That work for you?  I can do that.

And the real laugher is “what civility upheld, what standard of decency observed…?” line.  This guy and the crowd he hangs out with throw out one bigoted and charged line after another.  Perhaps you recall an earlier letter he sent in to the Times-Call where he intentionally butchered the term “nattering nabobs of negativism” and made it “niggling nest of nattering negativism” to his complete post at Free Range Longmont where he complains that the Times-Call left out his use of the “N” word and the “F” word in his Open Forum letter.  The ease this guy and his FreeRanger pals throw around such words are something to behold, they even made sure to make those words as bold as possible.   And these guys have the nerve to ask if others wear hoods?

I wonder why “Longmont’s Man of Peace” Strider Benston, who also posts at their website, and endlessly tells of his Selma stories has been surprisingly quiet on this subject?  Selective outrage is pretty convenient.

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