Money didn’t buy seats

(As printed in the Times Call opinion section 5/24/10)

At the May 18th Longmont City Council meeting, I found it deplorable that a representative from a local partisan group would insinuate that because city council candidates who were appointed received more money, that they were only elected because they brought in more money. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? Candidates who lost…lost because they were inferior candidates.

Voters who took the time to vote aren’t stupid. Then to read a letter from this partisan party representative in the Times Call looking for more volunteers for petition distributors to help push for Clean Campaigns to keep ‘special interests’ out of elections. Since when is a partisan group not working for their own special interests? Seeing how known members of one party keep speaking about this, it’s apparent that this is a partisan backed, agenda driven petition.

One candidate who overwhelmingly beat the incumbent raised a lot of money in this election because multiple community members donated to her (check her reports, most were small contributions). If her opponent was separately assailed by outside groups, it’s because her opponent had a lousy record of service while in office and angered a lot of people.

The majority of the campaign literature circulated during the campaign was information that had been public knowledge for awhile amongst those who take the time to follow council. I’m disgusted by all the hidden conspiracy rhetoric being thrown around and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from the partisans who gather as a group at council meetings and file down one by one to gripe about how their party line candidates lost the election. Here’s a tip: Get better candidates. The election rules will be ironed out, but the motives of those who question the process with nonsensical rhetoric need to be transparent as well.

-Brigette Rodriguez
Coordinator of Vote! Longmont

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2 Responses to Money didn’t buy seats

  1. Anonymous says:

    The local leftists will never learn that it’s not the money that wins Longmont elections, but the council campaigns are won by who the voters like and trust and who has the right message. Gabe Santos got my vote convincingly over Richard Juday in the Jan. 2008 special election for council at-large seat. The $5000 contributed to Santos by LAR had absolutely no influence on my vote. I liked Gabe’s message and didn’t trust Juday, period. Since Santos won 55% to 31%, other voters obviously felt the same way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brigette’s got it right. They need better candidates. But, after seeing how Sarah Levison decided once Gabe Santos won and her party friend Richard Juday didn’t, she thought she would propose rewritting the campaign fianance ordinances. I too had seen how she spoke about this at Gabe Santos’ first council meeting. And it’s not just here on a local level (as apparent with the push by local Longmont Dems to promote the national push with the Clean Campaigns petition). Apparently the local dems don’t like losing, so they try to rewrite things so they can win. Have you seen what Jared Polis said at the Democratic Assembly about wanting to redistrict CD4 so that Betsy Markey can keep her seat? Is that how it’s done? I thought it was done because people thought you do a good job.

    Even a liberal blogger at Huffington Post questioned Polis’ statement:

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