No one ever said anything about corruption?

The May 4, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting was full of all kinds of twists, turns, surprises, and laughs.  There was also some mass amnesia going on amongst some in the crowd, City Council, and the Election Committee.

(As a side note, it was painfully obvious the sore losers from the 2009 election are still mighty sore (and still mighty losers).  It’s a shame when, a) the relatively uneducated jump into local politics and have a whole few months under their belt and think they got it all figured out, b) play dirty during the campaign, c) lose, and d) still can’t believe they lost and lash out in all directions.  Go back to being Obama Zombies, that isn’t too tough.  There’s serious work to be done here at the local level, go play on the freeway)

Back to this mass, and convenient, amnesia.  How many times was it said “there was no corruption“, “who’s saying that?” and Councilmember Sarah Levison saying it was only fellow Councilmember Katie Witt that was bringing up the charges of corruption.  How soon they forget.

Flash back to around March 2008, the Benker Bloc and their toadies (eh, it’s a lame term the leftwing losers use, I’ll borrow it) were like pigs in slop (some more than others).  They were going to fundamentally transform Longmont because the voters spoke, or didn’t you hear?  And the first thing they were going to do was reform the Fair Campaign Practices ActRichard Juday lead the charge with the support of the same old useful idiots, and of course some on council.  Contrary to how it was spun later by others, the main drive wasn’t to decriminalize the code, which is a good idea, it was because of one thing:  the $5,000 contribution to Gabe Santos from the Longmont Association of Realtors.

They went on and on about how wrong that contribution was and that it could sway his vote – which is something Ms. Levison went to great pains tonight to say that no one on council made that charge.  Wrong, she did.  Brian Hansen even said, sort of sympathetically, that he might be swayed by such a large contribution.  With that as the main impetus, charge onward they did and crafted the LFCPA we have today, lost lawsuits and all.

Ms. Levison said she didn’t appreciate some of the things said about her votes and contributions.  What were they?  Let’s recap:  Councilmembers/candidates Benker, McCoy, Levison and Hansen all got money from the Fraternal Order of Police/Longmont Police Officer Association which just about equaled the $5,000 Gabe Santos got from LAR.  To date, Mr. Santos has not voted on anything related to LAR favorably or unfavorably.  But the story is not the same for Ms. Levison and the others – they did vote in favor of the PD/FD when they needed it.  (I even wrote about it way back when.)

The good ol’ double standard again, happy to point it out for those that weren’t paying attention at the time (like the above group that probably didn’t even know there was a Longmont City Council), forgot, or would like it not dredged up again.

This change in the LFCPA was borne out of politics and spite.  That doesn’t mean the work of the election Task Force and the Election Committee wasn’t important, or that they were all agenda driven, although some were.  But Councilmember Alex Sammoury put it best when he asked the simple question of why?  Was this a solution in search of a problem?  Basically, where’s the beef?

Reality is catching up to the radicals who really wanted to make hay while their sun was shining, and they must see it by now.  I see some serious gutting in the future:  no more quasi-judicial function for the committee, maybe not even an advisory board role for the committee.  If the ordinance is written simple and straight forward and not loaded up with gotchas and political traps, there’s no need for a committee or a board.  I’m not sure if the entire ordinance will be scrapped, but I see things happening that these people wont be happy about, like higher contribution limits and thresholds for reporting.

These outcomes are based on the reality of the situation.  These people and their ideology got clobbered in the recent election, and their ordinance got spanked in a federal court.  Why are we still listening to them or giving their flawed ideas much consideration?  Just because?

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