Free to be deranged and delusional

You may have noticed our motto on the right as “a mentally balanced community of adult contributors“.  If on the other hand you’d like to see what the alternative looks like, I can point you in that direction if you prefer.

It would be a full time job correcting the lazy writing and fact checking of our local leftward loons, but that would assume they have much of an audience, so why waste the time?  Previously, they claimed my wife was at some function she was miles from, and now one of their contributors claimed I wrote something I didn’t, and that I “write for big money”.  I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.

I guess it’s an easy mistake…if you can’t read or comprehend.  The story in question even says within it who wrote it.  I may agree with the sentiment of the letter, but alas, I didn’t write it.  And this “big money” thing – I wish!  These goofy concepts, and the tinfoil conspiracy title of “Is there a pattern here?” was by James Kenworthy.  He and others are big into this goofy Transition Longmont concept (where we should all live in mudhuts, with no electricity, and employ and enjoy the use of an outhouse) and “Peak Oil“, which lately has been shown to be as equally hoaxworthy as manmade global warming.  Just keep watching that oil gush out in the Gulf of Mexico as you ponder the “end of oil supplies.”  Which reminds me, their fearless leader Barack Obama sure took some money from BP and other oil companies, didn’t he?

And the bigger fraud behind anyone on the Left making any complaints about “big money” need to be reminded of the “Fab 4” (Gill, Polis, Stryker, and Bridges) and the millions they threw into Colorado elections.  They paid astroturfers to canvass the state, people similar to who you’ll see spew the above nonsense.  Sure they’d want the rules changed now, they wouldn’t want anyone doing what they just got away with.

Amongst the other tripe posted is the same old replies to my scathing review of Councilmember Sarah Levison‘s performance at a recent meeting – (go ahead, get it out of your system, but know you’re being laughed at) including one from Ms. Levison herself.  Don’t bother with the lackeys playing defense for her, read her own words.  Again, this is the beauty of free speech and why I’d never want to squelch it.  Given enough rope, these people hang themselves.

What you’ll see in Ms. Levison’s reply, in addition to insulting the majority of her own council, is the same nonsense and deflecting (in addition to endless yammering) she employs at council meetings.  I spoke about specific unprofessional activities and an overall lack of decorum – and gave examples.  She whines about my “typical unrelenting and spurious personal attacks” and uses Ronald Reagan not once, but twice – which is hilarious coming from a committed leftist who probably hated everything he ever said or stood for.

She then said I tried to “deflect attention from the reali­ty that the current City Council has disassembled the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act“.  Deflect?  She must be kidding.  I’ve written about the LFCPA probably more than anyone, including a letter to City Council (which unfortunately and hopefully temporarily includes her) that the LFCPA should be disassembled, and exactly how I’d like to see it changed.  Perhaps she discarded that email, but it’s not my fault if she ignores some constituents.  I also posted it on this site here.  My bet is she read it.

And then the gall for Ms. Levison to say that “now we must go back to a system where campaign reports have a closed­-door review” when it was her who tried to push an “ordinance review committee” which would have made a system where this law would go under its own “closed-door review“.  She says I might distract you by my “pugnacious tone”, whatever, I couldn’t care less what she and her moronic drones say about me – but you also shouldn’t be distracted by her smokescreen approach to honest government.

I reiterate that people who can’t control themselves on council, and who are part of a group who make personal attacks on citizens (as long as Ms. Levison is on that website, she’s one of them) – have no place in elected office.  Ms. Levison was just elected the Longmont representative for the Colorado Municipal League (CML) by City Council, a mistake in my opinion.  Maybe it’s time to invoke RULE 19 she so loves where someone on council who voted in favor of something can bring it back for reconsideration. It’s in the charter, lets put it to good use.
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3 Responses to Free to be deranged and delusional

  1. Daniel says:

    The “local leftward loons” to which your article links ( have an Ultimate Weapon, one which they used on me. I had the temerity to challenge one their “reporters” to a public debate – an offer which still stands BTW – and their immediate defensive response was to ban me from their website. How childish can they be? For the record, I am the 2010 Republican candidate for Boulder County Clerk & Recorder:

  2. Don’t ever confuse them with “reporters” – they’re leftwing hacks and losers. Consider your banning a badge of honor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the thinskinned-ness and paranoia over there is truly astounding. I proudly where the same badge for having the audacity to question a “fact” or two that has been thrown out there. They are obviously not interested in debate or even hearing anything that questions their beliefs. Seems pretty obvious why Fissinger got completely trounced in the last election. Or wait, my bad, it was b/c big money was such a big part of the whole process.

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