Levisons “Chicago” moment

The June 8, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting might turn out to be one of the more dissected, now and in the future.  This is Part 3 (of hopefully 3) of what occurred that night, this time it’s the Sarah Levison Show.  She had a “Chicago” moment.  Not the city, the band.  Remember the song that had the line “hard for me to say I’m sorry“?  Switch the word hard with impossible.
For those that haven’t been paying attention to this story, here’s a quick re-cap:  5/18/10 – City council starts acting on recommendations to change the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act (LFCPA), Councilmember Sarah Levison throws a tantrum.  5/22/10 – my Guest opinion “Councilwoman’s lack of decorum at council meeting unprofessional” runs in the Times-Call (their title).  5/25/10 – Ms. Levison gets voted 5-2 to represent Longmont in the Colorado Municipal League (CML).  5/26/10 – Ms. Levison’s reply to my editorial runs in the Times-Call where she goes after me personally, and the rest of city council for their actions at the 5/18/10 meeting.  6/4/10 – the agenda comes out for the 6/8/10 council meeting, and it includes a reconsideration of the vote to endorse Ms. Levison for CML.  For context, see Part 1 with the screaming loony citizens, and Part 2 with Councilmember Alex Sammoury explaining why he brought this back for consideration.
…and now the video for Part 3, Levison’s littany of non-apology apologies

My guest editorial was scathing, and it was a shortened version of what is on this blog due to newspaper word limits.  It was nearly all written in a matter-of-fact kind of way, with the final argument being Ms. Levison represents the worst of Longmont politics.  How she responded, and the above video further proves that point.  Her mistake in going after me in a petty way was including the rest of city council in her tirade, again, very unprofessional and unbecoming of an elected official.

I’ve been personally aware of her temper after she tried to berate me, in front of my kid, over a piece I wrote about the LFCPA long before the amending process was complete.  In the end, I was vindicated by a federal judge in our lawsuit against the city, and by the electorate who unceremoniously booted Karen Benker and didn’t elect a single liberal/progressive like Ms. Levison.  Lucky for her she wasn’t on the ballot, but she will be in 2011.  I heard of her brow beating of former and current councilmembers when she isn’t getting her way.  And like I wrote in my piece, she even went after our fine City Clerk, trying to include unnecessary language in the LFCPA to punish and maybe even fine that office.

And let us never forget her trolling of estate sales – you know, selling dead people’s stuff – and asking about taxing those and garage sales.  And her actions lead directly to the BMX track people to leave the city – she tried to gouge just a little more money out of them.  This is politics and governing at its worse, yet she’s championed by the leftwing nutjobs in this city as actually being effective, oh, and prepared.  Prepared to destroy Longmont’s image.

But the performance at this meeting shows much more than that.  It shows someone who can’t even squeak out a little apology.  All you hear are repeated non-apologies, here’s Wikipedia’s definition:  

A non-apology apology is a statement in the form of an apology that is nothing of the sort, a common gambit in politics and public relations. It most commonly entails the speaker saying that he or she is sorry not for a behavior, statement or misdeed, but rather is sorry only because a person who has been aggrieved is requesting the apology, expressing a grievance, or is threatening some form of retribution or retaliation.

An example of a non-apology apology would be to say “I’m sorry that you felt insulted” to someone who has been offended by a statement. This apology does not admit that there was anything wrong with the remarks made, and, additionally, it subtly insinuates that the person taking offense was excessively thin-skinned or irrational in taking offense at the remarks in the first place.” (emphasis mine)

Other councilmembers and members of the public insinuated Mr. Sammoury was making a big deal out of this because his feeling were hurt – they were complicit with this weak human trait of repeatedly making non-apology apologies.  Do I ever expect an apology out of Ms. Levison for her abhorrent behavior, or Sean McCoy for that matter?  No, that takes character and class, something they clearly lack.  The larger problem is that they embolden their nutjob followers to be even more abrasive and feel it’s alright to take liberties and slander and libel me at will.  Why not?  Their “leaders” do it, must be okay.  It’s nearly daily that I’m attributed with writing something somewhere that I didn’t write – classic disinformation campaign to undermine the messenger, and the message.

For Ms. Levison to continue to have the gall to think, especially after this meeting, that she is acceptable as a representative for Longmont – in any capacity, CML or City Council – is just plain ludicrous.  If she wants to do a real apology, apologize to the city.  And make it as part of a resignation letter.  No wonder why she wants the city to publicly finance her next campaign.

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