Attacks are badge of honor

Is the new site name Lightning Rod starting to make sense yet?  Seems whenever I, or fellow contributors like Dave Larison, get something published in the Times-Call the bitching and moaning from the moronosphere is soon to follow.

They like to complain about us by name, sometimes even using their own name (usually not), so let us return the favor.  On one hand you have short-term residents who complain that “the most unpleasant of political realities that have taken over the community in the last two years or so“.  That would be Kaye Fissinger, who has been here for…the last two years or so.  What a coincidence!  She’s outing herself.  No wonder she went nowhere in the last election.

But in the same screed (I know I’m wasting your time as no one reads or gives serious thought to her screaming rants) she bemoans fear of retaliation for people exercising their freedom of speech.  Any sane person has realized by now that the only protected speech from the leftwing/progressive(/socialist, etc) point of view is THEIRS.  Example:  How often have you seen letters to the paper demanding civility, usually within the context of a Guest Opinion by yours truly, but then in the very next sentence quite uncivil and defamatory things are said about the person they disagree with?  I saw endless examples of it after my recent piece about Longmont City Councilmember Sarah Levison.  Don’t think the Times-Call didn’t notice this bit of irony either, they did, as did people I know who read it all.  Fear not losers, people are laughing at you.

This is why what Ms. Fissinger writes is complete bullflop.  As I’ve said countless times it is like manna from Heaven every time these incompetent boobs open their mouths – please, don’t stop!  It’s even better when they put their names to their incoherent rants.  But back to her feeble point:  “I’ve had people tell me that they’ve written letters to the editor and then scrapped them because of fear of retaliation – either against themselves or their family. Others would like to speak at city council meetings but they know that attacks will follow.”  There’s an endless supply of “people have discussed with me“, “most“, “they“, “some“, “they say“, “they tell me“, “they wonder“, “some wonder“, “I’ve heard” – and on and on with this nonsense.  Keep in mind here, we’re not talking about someone who would ever win Ms. Congeniality – she’s more apt to give the middle finger (hence the nickname “The Finger“) at a public school with teenagers in attendance than have normal people want to be within 20 feet of her.

But to the larger point of fear of retaliation.  In the 7/11/10 Times-Call, a Diana Shellenberger wrote of Dave Larison’s Open Forum letter, which can be found here on this site, and right in the first sentence is a veiled threat against Dave’s weather services to the paper.  The rest is humorous as what she says can be said of the Longmont Left between ’07-’09.  And let us never forget Ms. Fissinger, along with fellow WIIFL lackey Duane Leise stalking around my work, which they fed to former councilmember Karen Benker prior to the 2009 election.  Once again, these people know about fear of retaliation based on first hand experience – of attempts at retaliation.

And then Ms. Fissinger other WIIFL/Free Range Longmont cohort goes on the attack against Mr. Larison as well on the internet.  A member of the public writing an opinion and then being attacked and called names??!!

Ms. Fissinger must have been outraged!

Of course she’s not, her and her ilk are hypocritical cretins.  That’s what makes the Norman Rockwell painting on their site all the more ridiculous.  If you saw these people in public the image that would be more appropriate is a cast photo of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest“.

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