Extending the lefty losing streak

Well folks, our local gang of progressives lose again in selling their souls to far-left Andrew Romanoff and his U.S. Senate primary bid. I guess now the WIIFL (WhatsinitforLongmont) crowd will have to get onboard with the new website just launched…

Michael Bennet: Wrong for Colorado

So the Longmont lefty losing streak is now into double digits (10) dating back to the elections of November 2009. Here’s the updated list as originally posted by Chris Rodriguez in March 2010…
1) LOST 4 council seats up for election, including Mayor. This one had to sting, especially the unexpected defeat of their Queen Bee Benker. Remember how they scoffed and laughed early on at the odds of Katie Witt pulling this off?

2) LOST County Issues 1A & 1B (Open Space Tax and ClimateSmart extensions). You could almost hear the jaws hitting the floor on this one.

3) LOST Times-Call Open Meetings suit. Here’s yet another one these screwballs incorrectly handicapped, repeatedly.

4) LOST Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act (LFCPA) suit. Since I was part of this suit, this was especially gratifying, again, mostly because of the uninformed buffoons who said we’d never win in Federal court. Or what the victory actually meant, for all, not just the plaintiffs.

5) LOST to FAA over prairie dogs at airport. Plain old common sense won out on this one, really a no-brainer. How dare human safety trump rodent hugging.

6) My appointment to the Airport Advisory Board. This is really 5a, but it was hilarious watching these fools make, well, fools out of themselves trying to get me booted off this board. We voted unanimously to support #5 by the way. (Update: Chris’s AAB appointment is paying big dividends by his ensuring a fair and legal process with the Airport Master Plan despite what the CARE group insinuates.)

7) Heaven Fest permit approved. They spent a lot of political capital (not that they had any to spend) on this issue, FAIL. They’re new lame little website is pretty much devoted (pun intended) to this issue – that and copying other news sources, sort of like what the Longmont Ledger does. (Update: Heaven Fest was an unequivocal success at Longmont’s Union Res. on July 31, 2010.)

8) Losing the LifeBridge/Firestone issue. Now Firestone has annexed a path directly to the LifeBridge/Union development. Just about anyone could see this coming, but I’m sure they cried in their latte’s over this news.
(Update: Due to the economic downturn, LifeBridge will not relocate to Union in the foreseeable future, but they still retain 190 acres of prime land at the site that is on hold with Union North LLC. The dynamic ministry of LifeBridge to the community of Longmont will continue. Firestone is a big winner with several hundred acres of annexed land at Union zoned for potential commercial use.

9) Losing the Rocky Mountain Christian Church (RMCC) issue. Remember, regardless of #7, #8 and this, they aren’t anti-Christian or anti-religious! Just keep on telling us that, maybe someone actually believes it. This is another issue that just keeps being dragged through the courts, and the losers just keep losing. Getting a trend here? They want to financially bleed those they want to get rid of, very Stalinist, and not so “of the people”. (Update: BoCo lost a second appeal in June 2010)

10) After numerous local-leftist letters to the editor and web posts hailing the wonders of Andrew Romanoff and dissing opponent Michael Bennet, Bennet defeats Romanoff 54% to 46% in the Democratic U.S. Senate Primary in Colorado.

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