Progressing beyond the Constitution?

Conservative TV/radio host Glenn Beck has probably spent more media time than anyone else in exposing the Progressive Party in the United States. Beck summarizes the movement as “progressing” beyond the Constitution, or getting beyond principles of the founding fathers that put limits on government by favoring individual rights.

Beck’s FOXNews cohort Bill O’Reilly puts it more bluntly in describing progressives: “An ideological agenda rather than telling the truth.” That certainly holds true in Longmont–witness all the lies put out against LifeBridge Christian Church relocation plans at Union or just recently the highly successful Heaven Fest concert.

While I am a conservative, I almost feel sorry for some of my more traditional Democratic friends in Longmont–I call them JFK-style Dems–for having to be bunched in on the left with local progressive radicals such as Kaye Fissinger or Doug Wray. I’ll give these ProgressNow people credit for one thing–they are experts at creating an echo chamber of noise that is hard for the public and media to ignore.

I may differ with traditional Dems on certain economic, social, and entitlement issues, but at least at their core they adhere to the Constitutional fundamentals that made this country great. It’s a far cry from the redistribution of wealth and nannystate we see overflowing from the progressives.

I’ll also admit to having referred to our local progressive clan as godless pagans, but that really isn’t quite correct. They have a god–it’s the great God of Environmentalism. They worship at the Church of Green, and they display an almost psychotic contempt toward anything remotely related to Christianity.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the environment as much as anyone, but I don’t worship it. Certainly not to the extent that it trumps all things no matter how much it destroys social and economic equilibrium.

In Longmont or anywhere else, if a person believes in absolutes of truth as established by the Creator–and as reflected in the U.S. Constitution— you don’t want to hitch your wagon to the flawed Utopian ideals of modern-day progressives.

Regressive is truly the more appropriate title.

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