Don’t extend Pommer & Obama failures with Deb Gardner

Boulder, and Longmont has experienced enough failure at the hands of outgoing and term-limited House Representative Jack Pommer and the Democratic Party agenda.  One of the party’s biggest boosters, Boulder County Democratic Party Chair Deb Gardner, wants to fill Mr. Pommer’s seat in State House District 11.  To do this would be more of the same failure this state and country has experienced in the last two years under almost complete Democrat rule.

It’s no mystery why Democrat candidates are running from their own party and leaders.  But let us never forget that political operatives – including Ms. Gardner who is basically Boulder County’s top leftwing political hack – couldn’t ride the coattails enough of the failed state and national administrations after the 2006 and 2008 elections.  But now they want us to forget all that and pretend they are something new and better?  Their “hope and change” has been abysmal.

But specifically with Ms. Gardner, her support of the hateful anti-religious group in Longmont who pushed the LifeBridge Christian Church development plan into the hands of a neighboring and competing city can’t be easily forgotten.  The church relocation this group fought will still move forward, except Longmont and HD11 voters won’t benefit one iota from it.  And now residents, including even Democrats and Independents, have about had enough of Boulder County’s endless harassment of Rocky Mountain Christian Church (RMCC), which shares some of the same detractors as LifeBridge – all political supporters of Ms. Gardner.

HD11 is a terribly gerrymandered district and Boulder can pretty much decide the race if they want to.  I suggest you show a little independence from what is expected of you and ask yourself if voting the party line is such a wise choice this time around.

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