9 reasons to Vote Democrat, or not

Unlike other sites in the area where 90% of their content is borrowed from other sites, I’m going to make an exception and post something that I didn’t write myself.  This comes from best selling author and radio personality Mark Levin, and it’s too good not to share.  For those too lazy to read, a YouTube video of Mark saying it himself follows.  

If you like 10% unemployment – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you like the worst housing market since records have been kept – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you like the nation going bankrupt – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you think we can take another terrorist hit as Obama reportedly said – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you think we should send our young men and women over to Afghanistan for political imperatives rather than military imperatives – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you like government run authoritarian top-down health care, where they’re going to deny you certain prescriptions, where they’re going to drive up the cost of your policies, where they’re going to shut down hospitals and chase doctors away – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you like Cap & Trade, which is going to create energy dislocation, eventually blackouts and brownouts, and drive up the cost of electricity and other fuel – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you like poverty as opposed to success – VOTE DEMOCRAT
If you hate yourself, and you hate your country, and you hate your surroundings – VOTE DEMOCRAT then check into a mental institution

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