Bad news keeps piling up for Betsy Markey

This has not been a good week for current Congresswoman Betsy Markey (Dem CO4), and unfortunately for her there are still four more weeks before Election Day.

Endorsements are a fickle thing, but one in particular may have actually hurt Betsy Markey.  That was the National Rifle Association endorsement.  Her rabid anti-gun nuts – you know, the ones who insult those “who cling to their guns and religion“, who fear guns randomly going off by themselves and taking out polar bears – must have been thrilled with that NRA vote of confidence.  But other endorsements must have hurt a lot more.  Like the Denver Post‘s endorsementof her opponent Cory Gardner.  The Post is not exactly known as a right-wing newspaper, so it must have left a mark when it said things like:  along with my own comments

Gardner right for the 4th CD | The Republican state representative from Yuma is a better choice than incumbent Betsy Markey in these shaky economic times.”  Ouch, tough title and byline

…Markey, who originally opposed health care reform because the House bill did little to control rising costs, ended up voting for a health care bill that still won’t bring down costs.”  Because she is a tool of Nancy Pelosi.
In her first year, the congresswoman, who now says in TV ads that she’s offended by government bailouts, helped pass the flawed, $800 billion stimulus package”  THANK YOU for pointing out the hypocrisy of her idiotic TV ad.

While not an endorsement either way, an October 7 TIME article wasn’t exactly glowing towards Betsy Markey.  Again, TIME is not exactly, or even close to, a right-wing publication.  They wrote:
Markey beat three-term Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave in 2008 to become the first Democrat to hold that seat since 1973. But her victory was due more to Musgrave’s weaknesses than her own strengths.” (emphasis added)  I’ve been saying this all along, that it was a combination of Obama coattails – which she can’t distance herself away from enough now – and that she was just an “anti” vote.  She offered nothing special or new, and she proved to be anything but independent, or even moderate, like she claimed.  She’s become pretty much a rubber stamp for the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda, and like I said before, we could have elected a chimp to do that job.

While the TIME article attempts to paint a historical picture of Betsy Markey, it really just portrays the image of a opportunist carpetbagger who wasted no time founding the Northern Colorado Democratic Business Coalition upon her arrival to Colorado.  Yeah right, just like “you and me“.

Next, is something I follow in larger races: following the money.  Not so much who it’s coming from, which is important, but how much and the trends.  On October 6th, the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) announced it was “reshuffling” its ad buys in certain races.  Betsy Markey’s was one of them.  That is not a positive sign.  It either means the candidate is doing so well that the money can be spent better elsewhere (no Markey supporter will say this race is going very well, and if they do they’re delusional – which is always a distinct possibility), or, the race is looking bleak and the money may be better spent on a salvageable race.  I’m going with the latter, as money is now being shifted to what seemed like a comfortable race in Congressman John Salazar (Dem CO3).

Speaking of money, Markey has raised $1 million more than Cory Gardner.  Just like the Obama campaign that raised half a BILLION dollars (mostly large donors and corporations), never let it be said ever again that the Democratic Party is for the people, not the money.  Can we put that sham of an idea permanently to rest now?  I think we safely can.  But you Markey contributors, just keep wasting your money.

Lastly, for now, is Betsy Markey’s cowardly refusal to debate her opponent Cory Gardner.  There was supposed to be a debate on Thursday October 7, she refused to show up.  Her repeated, and laughable, excuse was because the 3rd party candidates wouldn’t be there.  She’s hoping that these other candidates will have some effect on the outcome of the election – as in, hopefully siphoning off votes from Cory Gardner.  Fat chance.

I thought Betsy Markey’s Facebook page said it all.  Not only has she wiped off all of the previous discussions – including and especially HEALTH CARE REFORM – but in what may be a prophetic turn of a phrase it merely says “Congresswoman Betsy Markey has no more posts.”  Indeed.  Go look for one of those jobs your Stimulus was supposed to provide.

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