Mark Levin equates SmartCo closure to failure of Obama to extend Bush tax cuts

When a decision affects a large segment of a neighborhood population, many in that community have a flurry of opinions as to why it happened, especially when the news is unexpected and appears drastic. The recent news that Longmont’s shiny new SmartCo grocery store was closing and retreating from the community (and taking its other four new stores in Colorado with it) has sparked a debate on both a local level and a national one.

Locally, residents were angry because SmartCo (owned by Smart & Final, a CA based LLC) had created the appearance of being a positive contributor to the community, seemed to be doing well, they enjoyed shopping there, and it helped fill a big hole previously vacated by a large grocery chain. SmartCo also opened in an unsure economic environment and many were surprised by that decision, but happy that they took the chance here in Longmont and four other neighboring communities in Colorado.
But they were confused by SmartCo’s hasty exit from their community that would result in many of their fellow residents unexpectedly unemployed during the holiday season and many without a lack of proper notification when the news went public. Others grumbled that it was all the fault of other large employers nearby, that its location in central Longmont was somehow a poor one, that the local government of Longmont was somehow responsible for the management of this company, and speculation that people didn’t like shopping here anyway so they really weren’t surprised by the news.

But, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin had an opinion on it too…
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