Spare me the DREAM Act at City Council

How many times does Longmont City Council have to be pestered toward giving a blessing to laws that would provide in-state college tuition access for illegal aliens? Basically, we’re talking provisions of the current DREAM Act, although you’ll never hear the word “illegal” uttered by the relentless proponents.

It all started back in early 2009 when local race activist Bob Norris made impassioned pleas before Council to endorse Colorado Senate Bill 170. It was a bill (in violation of federal law) that would have provided in-state tuition rates to Colorado high school graduates regardless of immigration status

Of course, SB 170 received glowing praise during council comments from liberal “educator” Sean McCoy. However, the bill eventually went on to defeat in the Colorado Statehouse in April 2009.

Now we have the DREAM Act in full spotlight on the national political scene. S. 2837 has already failed to get through the U.S. Senate once, but Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to push it through for a vote one more time while the lame duck Congress is still in session.

The Center for Immigration Studies conservatively estimates that the DREAM Act would cost U.S. taxpayers $6.2 billion annually to provide students access to in-state college tuition (even if they reside out-of-state) and special student loans. The indirect costs to taxpayers would likely be much higher considering the competition with legal residents for educational benefits.

Once again at a recent meeting of the Longmont City Council (11-23-10), Bob Norris and a group of Latino students spent nearly 25 minutes at Public Invited To Be Heard urging the council to pass a resolution in support of the DREAM Act.

Granted, the students had a right to tell their stories and make their pleas, but it places council members who have legitimate concerns about illegal immigration in the unenviable position of being labeled racist, cold and callous toward alien students. As fellow blogger Chris Rodriguez has stated, “White guilt does not equal racial tolerance.”

The bottom line here is that the DREAM Act is a federal issue and not the business of Longmont City Council. Despite that, a resolution in favor of the DREAM Act has been submitted by Bob Norris and presented by Councilmember McCoy to be acted upon by the City Council in December.

We don’t need to have another Boulder-like city council in Longmont where partisan resolutions on national and world matters are wildly passed on everything from the Copenhagen Climate Conference to the Iraq War. Things are polarized enough with Longmont politics, let’s not make it worse.

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  1. Gorden VanBing says:

    Bob Norris is the Longmont race hustling equivalent of Al Sharpton. He cares about Hispanic/Latinos only as far as getting them registered and voting Democrat – nothing more, probably much less. Wise up kids, he’s using you, isn’t the pandering obvious and sickening?

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