Validating the vote: Markey votes to raise taxes on job creators

Lame duck one termer Betsy Markey once again voted against her soon-to-be former constituents, hopefully for the last time.  This time she voted to raise taxes on those making more than what Democrats currently consider “rich”, who are also the job creators.  That number is always moving – used to be millionaires actually made a million dollars, then it was $500k, now it’s somewhere around $250k.  Typical Liberal/Progressive class warfare.

I seem to remember Ms. Markey touting her small business and how it helped hire kids for/from college, or some such story.  This is precisely the group she targeted with her vote, regardless of the lies you’re hearing people say that small businesses file taxes differently and are not subject to this.  Uh huh.  Any LLC owner out there (like myself) knows that most of these people file their profits or losses on their personal tax return.  But even if they didn’t, the uncertainty of taxes going up on anyone – especially their customers – would make any smart businessperson keep their powder dry to see how the dust settles.  That includes new hires or any capital improvements.  Yeah, I know once again I’m stating the obvious.

But since “big money” and “the rich” keeps being thrown around, where was the “big money” in the last election?  Betsy Markey raised $3.66 million (spent $3.68 million, you do the math) – more than any candidate in the 4th congressional district ever.  She lost to Cory Gardner, who raised $2.36 million (spent $2.34 million).  For those mathematically challenged, Ms. Markey spent more than a million more – and lost.  Wasn’t even close.  Sorry you dummies who contributed to her, no refunds!  But keep it in mind next time she wants to run for something, other than away from elected office.  And the sooner the better.

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