Moonlightings collateral damage

I get the feeling this so-called “moonlighting” debacle that some are throwing around about Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler will have some unintended consequences for our friends on the left.  If not, I’ll go ahead and nudge the possibility along.

Do you think it’s an accident that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper recently was quoted as saying “I don’t have a problem at all with people earning second sources of income“? (h/t Pueblo Chieftain)  Now why would he say that when the sharks on the left smell blood in the water?  It’s because he, and elected politicians on the left and right, also do it.  Need examples?  Hickenlooper’s own Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia will continue in his role as commissioner of higher education, why not, higher education is doing so well in Colorado (isn’t it like 48th or 49th in the country?).  And lets not forget Economic Development Chief Dwayne Romero who gets to continue working in his real-estate development job.  As much as some of the local loons here hate anything to do with real estate and developers, I’m shocked they aren’t throwing a fit over that one.  (They aren’t because they’re hypocritical, double-standard blowhards)

Come to think of it, our less-than-stellar State Senator from Longmont Brandon Shaffer probably doesn’t get all of his income from his State Senate job.  I’m sure he must take the occasional case at the law firm he was/is employed with.  Unlike the fairly narrow duties of Secretary of State, members of the state house and senate act and vote on a wide range of issues.  For full disclosure, I believe Mr. Shaffer should make public all cases he’s handled since being elected.  While he’s at it, being the State Senate President, he should make sure all of his fellow attorney State Senators do the same – for transparency’s sake.

Sure you wanna play this game?  I can play it all day long.  Fellow writers and activists, I invite you to poke around into your elected Democrat representative’s (they started this) day job, or second job, and see what you uncover.  Could be fun.

I caught this well composed comment in the January 29, 2011 Times-Call TC Line:
Gessler’s two jobsI applaud Scott Gessler working two jobs.  I work two jobs to make ends meet, as many of us do.  Not only does it help the economy; it shows that he’s in the same boat with the rest of us.  If we don’t allow public servants to work two jobs, then only rich people can become public servants.  Maybe if more public servants had ever had a real job, let alone two jobs, maybe they would understand economics better and that most people actually have to work for a living, not just tax and spend other people’s money.
I don’t know who sent this in, but I like what it says.  Our leftist loons whine about rich, detached politicians – but it’s okay if they’re on their side.  We need more citizen politicians, they tend to have jobs and are not independently wealthy.  They shouldn’t be financially broken for wanting to serve their community, state, or country.

Lastly, there was a comic at Westword by a Kenny Be that is in need of a response.  I’m a big fan of satire and parody – unfortunately this cartoon doesn’t fit into either category.  It is more of the libelous nature.  It hints that a law firm who represents its clients – regardless if you, I, or the law firm agree with the clients or their case – is some kind of crime.  As examples, it lists “registering as a 501(c)(4)” – as if that’s a crime, “skirt campaign finance laws“, “launder political money“, “hide donor identity“, etc.  That isn’t satire or parody, those are allegations of wrongdoing.  Remember, you have to look at this cartoon as if it’s an editorial.  Forget the drawing and cartoonish images – just because someone pretends to be a cartoonist, that doesn’t give them license to libel.  So far, whether you agree or not, there is no law stopping Mr. Gessler or any elected official from having a second job.  That being the case, cartoonist Mr. Be is defaming and misrepresenting what Mr. Gessler does for a living and possibly interfering with Mr. Gessler’s lawful pursuit of income.  Further, Mr. Be is referring to Mr. Gessler’s work before he was an elected official – in other words, as a private citizen.

But wait, that’s not all!  Read the following, and tell me if this was anything other than a cartoon how the author wouldn’t be sued for libel.  “Scott Gessler’s new position as Colorado Secretary of State gives him double the power to help corporations fight for their right to influence election results.  Call Scott “SOS” Gessler, he can help you weasel out of any gov’t rules and regs.”

  • Voter suppression efforts.
  •  Watchdog countersuits
  •  Limited restrictions and lax oversight
  • Your one-stop shop for political interpretation and legal enforcement.

Just for good measure, he throws in “Proud member Tom Martino Troubleshooter Network“.  So all the nasty things above are supposedly endorsed by Tom Martino?  Odds are Mr. Gessler won’t sue for libel – But Mr. Martino as an individual or the Troubleshooter Network as an entity could.

Reminder of what libel is defined as
1. a. defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
b.  the act or crime of publishing it.
c.  a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
2.  anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.

Game on.

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