PLAN-Boulder County shows its true colors

Guess who’s the keynote speaker at the PLAN-Boulder County annual dinner this week? None other than Van Jones, the past self-described “communist” who resigned his White House Council position in 2009 over a bevy of radical leftist remarks and associations.

It’s really no surprise for PLAN-Boulder County, an original group of tree hugging idealistic liberals from Boulder who for 50 years have hijacked the political and business landscape of the county in the name of green extremism.

Longmont realtor Rich Yale has seen it all through the years and aptly describes it this way…

“The dirty little secret is groups such as TRANSITION Boulder County, PLAN-Boulder County (PBC), LEAF, WIIFL, Indian Peaks, Table Mountain & CARE Political action organizations, et al, are establishments of Green Environmental Sects comprising the Secular Humanity Religion. BoCo’s membership with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) makes County Governments a special religious consultant with the UN Economic and Social Council coordinating the Green Belief System and Ritual expected of local governments to practice. Thus, the Commissioners have illegally established the Green religion’s beliefs as criteria against which to judge every citizens behavior and regulate it within the Green religious dicta of the United Nations Green Agenda 21. RMCC is a test case for the purloined powers of Secular Progressive Religious Regulations of citizens. In short, BoCo government is now a Green Theocracy as this lawsuit against RMCC demonstrated. “

As I once wrote in a newspaper guest opinion, government in this nation was eloquently said by Abraham Lincoln to be of the people, by the people, for the people. He did not say that it’s a government of the environment, by open space, for the prairie dogs.

Conservative author David Horowitz several years ago came up with a apropos term for the environmentalist left in this country–they’re “watermelons” (green/environmentalist on the outside, red/anti-capitalist on the inside).

Enviro-commie Van Jones is one of the biggest watermelons in the patch, a perfect fit for the PLAN/Boulder County earth-worshipping celebration this week.

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