The Left is the face of hate

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than my last story about Wisconsin, our friends on the Left turn out to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

Where to start?  Well, I’ve said many times how sexist leftists are, make that violent sexists.  Here’s the video of a Communications Workers of America (a union) thug


assaulting a female taking a video with her phone.  This group marched on FreedomWorks, so you’d think they want to be noticed, maybe even interviewed of why they were there. This goon went after a big, bad 5’1″ female, I could feign outrage but I’m not the least bit surprised.  These people are showing they can’t handle defeat or opposing opinions.  Get your orange jumpsuit sized, guy.  Watch and enjoy.


These hatemongers’ fellow travelers came to the steps of the state capitol in Denver recently.  Ah, they did not disappoint.  Our leftists friends are also fairly racist, ever notice how they have to categorize people?  When they come up against an African American who doesn’t tow the line, man do they let ’em have it.  Here’s but one picture of those tolerant union thugs taking issue with someone that doesn’t quite look like them.  The source of that picture has quotes from that man, and quite an interesting report of what the local news didn’t tell you.  I recall the fake story of African American congressmen being spat on in Washington D.C., but they pretty much did that here in Denver, pretty sad.  Below is a video of these goons idea of “civility”.  Funny how no one ever found these kinds of videos at Tea Party rallies – unless they were plants.

Apparently some of local Longmont loons made the trek down there to be with their fellow haters.  They fit right in – ugly inside and out.

But, back at FreedomWorks, here’s another video displaying the bigotry of the Left. This time, this guy is called a “bad jew“.  Yep, that’s right, wonders never cease.

It’s clear these people are losing it.  It’s barely been a month since the shooting in Tucson and this is them turning a new page on civility.  This is why I’ve never believed their idea of civility whenever it leaves their mouth.  As always, their idea of civility is “you shut up, we say what we please“.  That hasn’t worked out so well, so they’re taking it up a notch – as evidence by these (and many more) videos and pictures.  They’re doing their cause wonders and showing what they are really made of, aren’t they?

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