Lie manufacturing, and confused councilmembers

I have to believe that the Screwball Left here in Longmont must scratch their collective heads and wonder why council members that they go after don’t address their nonsense?  They throw one charge after another, none seem to stick, and they’re basically ignored by the grown-ups in the city.  Example:  Longmont City Council member Gabe Santos and his connections with former Majority Leader Tom DeLay.  The end result: two convincing victories – by Gabe Santos.

So now, these mentally unhinged individuals are just going to start making things up.  The latest drum being beat is how there’s some kind of riff between Gabe Santos and Mayor Bryan Baum, and how Mr. Santos wants Mr. Baums mayoral seat, and this year!  This one is hilarious, mainly because how far off the mark it is.  Tip:  Try to at least make your fabricated stories a little believable.  It’s too bad the TV camera didn’t get Baum and Santos hugging – twice – and having a good laugh over this.  Yes, you loons are a joke, deal with it.

In other council action, the never ending drama that is the LFCPA (Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act) was on the agenda.  Even though it’s a moot point since the reporting point on issue committees was raised to $5,000, there were a couple of things that need to be addressed.  Council member Sarah Levison, who in large part is responsible for the changes to the LFCPA that has brought on so much litigation, tried to delay any decision on changing the trigger point on issue committees reporting.  If you watch enough council meetings, as I do, it’s pretty interesting to see what they want to delay and what they don’t.

The reasoning to delay any decision was because, for now, there are no issue committees as there are no ballot issues.  This is flawed logic.  When the idea was devised to amend the LFCPA in early 2008, was it done because of the upcoming election?  I sure hope not, although plenty of us viewed that game as nothing but an incumbent retention scheme, which backfired on them when a strong push was made to point out that very fact to the general public.  Bad law is bad law, why wait to fix it?  Especially when your own City Attorney has said this portion of the LFCPA is outside the ruling of the 10th Circuit Court and is ripe for litigation.  But three certain council members are smarter than that old court, or the Colorado Secretary of State, or their City Attorney.  They’ve been proven right so often lately, right?  Wrong.

Then there is this recurring idiotic argument that amounts to proportional extrapolation.  Sarah Levison pushed this hard 3 years ago, and it made as much sense then as it does now when Sean McCoy tried to repeat her logic – albeit in his usual stammering way.  Here’s how the argument goes:  There’s 4 million people in Colorado and 85,000 in Longmont, so proportionally speaking if Colorado has a $5,000 reporting limit on issue committee reporting, and Longmont has 2% of the population of Colorado – Longmont therefore should have a reporting limit that is 2% of Colorado, or $100.  With me so far?  If not read it again.

So, you may be thinking, that sort of makes sense – we’re 2% of the population, should have 2% reporting limits.  Allow me to point out the problem here (you less simplistic have probably already gone where I’m heading, but certain councilmembers continue to make this argument).  We are talking about people who form committees, get contributions, and try to sway voters one way or another.  How do they do that?  Mailers, phone calls, canvassing, etc.  Mass mailings to, say, 15,000 voters (which is less than half of Longmont’s registered voters) is not cheap, yet appear to have been fairly effective in the last couple elections.

Is postage in Longmont 2% of the rest of the state?  No.
Do designers and printers charge 98% less than someone wanting to do a statewide ballot issue?  I seriously doubt it.
This proportional argument on its face is simpleminded and ludicrous.  It amounts to 3 councilmembers (McCoy, Levison, and Hansen) trying to be clever and convince those that pay little attention to these things, or to reinforce their lackeys who have a tough time scraping together any original thought.  Problem is, Sean McCoy – that great sage and orator especialé (not, either) – is trying to peddle it now, and as usual it’s pretty embarrassing.

Recall what a member of the fictional band Spinal Tap had to say about being clever:  “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.”
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