Longmont’s clanging echo chamber

One of the favorite tactics of present-day Progressives is to create an echo chamber of liberal noise (see the Colorado Model) that is forced into the public and media arena and made difficult to ignore.
Never was this antic on greater display than at the Longmont City Council meeting of June 14, 2011.
Longmont’s poster project for the hardcore left, Kaye Fissinger, went to the podium no less than six times throughout the session, believed to be a record for council meeting public grandstanding (Ruby Bowman once got up five different times during a meeting to defend–you guessed it–prairie dogs).

Angry attorney Jeff Thompson wasn’t far behind Fissinger with four separate trips to the podium at Tuesday’s meeting, spewing repetitive insults and unfounded charges of corruption against the Mayor, City Manager and any other non-liberal city official that came to mind.

Fissinger’s rants were her usual witches brew of distortions against conservatives on every local issue from affordable housing to medical marijuana to the LFCPA (Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act) to the IGA with Firestone to dredging up past attacks on the LifeBridge/Union planned development.

Council’s decision to end the “inclusionary zoning” section of Longmont’s affordable housing program drew Fissinger’s greatest wrath, no doubt because she’s enjoyed the benefit of this entitlement by owning a house in upscale Creekside for nearly five years. It’s been said that “affordable housing” in this country is making sure every liberal Democrat gets one (a house).

The casual observer to these council proceedings each week might ask, “why don’t Longmont’s conservatives stick up for themselves and counter these radical blowhards at the podium?” The answer is, we don’t have to. Let the Fissingers and Thompsons of the world make fools of themselves for all to see.

Those in harmony with the U.S. Constitution and individual freedoms know the Truth, and the Truth sets us free.

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8 Responses to Longmont’s clanging echo chamber

  1. Stephanie Baum says:

    Heard she also threatened Katie which was witnessed by Gabe, Bryan and Sarah – threatened to the point that a police officer was called. Rumors are swirling that Katie could actually seek a restraining order against the Fiss – that would effectively ban her from chambers. Maybe someday she’ll learn what I teach my kids – bad choices have real consequences.

  2. Man, we leave town just for a little while and miss all this fun??!! I’ll have to watch the replay.

  3. Terri Goon says:

    I heard rumor of this meeting, but now I’m going to HAVE to watch!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Video of Longmont activist approaching and verbally threatening city councilwoman during break. Watch at the 3:29 mark: tinyurl.com/3ekdlpu

  5. There were many civil people who spoke on the affordable housing issue at the meeting about concerns. One of them, Deanna Dyer of the Longmont Association of Realtors spoke during public invited to be heard about the affordable housing program(at the 28:00 mark), which was her right as a Longmont citizen and longtime real estate professional of our community. Later Ms Fissinger decides to get up to speak (at the 44:00 mark) because she feels she needs to take “severe exception” to what Ms Dyer said?? (Really? Go watch what Ms Dyer said, what was the issue?) Ms Fissinger also states that we should disregard what Ms Dyer says as “babble”. I have never heard such disdain and rudeness in my entire life. And this woman wanted to be a member of the Longmont City Council?? Is that the way she would have conducted meetings? Not allowing the citizens of Longmont to speak? She herself had half a dozen opportunities (too many if you ask me). The video link as posted in a previous comment is disturbing. For her to later “storm” (yes, she did…watch the video) into an area reserved for city council and staff during a council break to voice displeasure and physically confront Katie Witt for how council voted is alarming. Luckily for us, no audio is heard during council break.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fissinger’s LifeBridge/Union rehashings are pure lies. LBCC pulled out of the annexation in Dec 2007 because the Bloc of 4 had just been voted in and LBCC knew it would constant harassment going forth in Longmont. It was a sacrificial way to try and keep the peace in the community. There was no phone survey by LBCC and they certainly had no fears they would lose a public referendum. Santos beating Juday 55% to 31% in the Jan ’08 special election proved the public’s sentiment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand the spewing venom that Fissinger and friends have against developers. Didn’t developers build her house? Don’t they employ working-class folks en-masse, the same people she claims to represent? Please don’t simply chalk up Fissinger’s behavior to the ideals of the Democratic Party. This Wicked Witch of the West doesn’t represent the majority of us.

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