Longmont ignorati awakens to redistricting debate

Uh oh, the scam that was the State House redistricting that took place a decade ago is about to be pulled out from under the rugs of the shysters who support it.  While the commission charged with deciding the districts had already been in session for hours, local liberal/progressive mouthpiece Kaye Fissinger told her mentally challenged fellow travelers to contact said commission members.  A little late for that, genius.

As a matter of fact they have voted 6-5 in favor of 6001v2.  I know what v1 looks like – as would anyone paying attention to these things – but I’m not clear what changes were made to v2.  I’m betting they didn’t involve Longmont at all, and from what testimony I heard probably involves Aurora and percentages of African-American voters in that area.  The Democratic members of the commission, including HD12’s (which includes part of Longmont) Matt Jones voted against 6001v2 and tried to push other versions or no change at all, and failed – which means Longmont won.

The argument made by Ms. Fissinger and others who really have no idea what they are talking about is this:  Longmont doesn’t need to be “whole” and it’s better to be split so we have two representatives.  Of course I’m sure it’s a total coincidence that the way those two house districts are drawn massively favor the Democratic Party, so why would they want it changed?  These are the intellectual frauds that make up the liberal/progressives in Longmont, who have pretty much taken over the Longmont Area Democrats, a joke of an organization basically ran by a married couple of ObamaBots who figured they’d wade into Longmont politics, Ms. Fissinger (’nuff said and ’nuff heard from), Doug Wray (the harassing emails he sends to Mayor Baum and his family say enough), and “Arkansas” (aka Hobo) Strider BenstonRichard Juday and Tom McCoy round out this rogues gallery.  See what I mean?  A joke.

But lets get to the meat of their intellectual fraud.  In a Times-Call story there was this:  “Supporters of the current way Longmont and Boulder County are divided among House districts have contended, however, that Longmont residents in House districts 11 and 12 a) have things in common with their neighbors in cities to the south. And they’ve argued that the b) current divisions essentially give Longmont two votes in the House.”  (lettering a and b and bold added by me).  Let’s get to b) first.  Either these people can’t read, have no clue what they’re talking about, just go along with what they’re told – or, more likely, a little of all of the above.

Due to the population of Longmont, there was no way it was ever going to be a single district.  They should know that.  There are population limitations when it comes to state house districts and Longmont stretched beyond those numbers in the recent and previous census.  So there was never any question about that, it would still have to be split in two.  And the commission did split Longmont similar to how it is now between two districts (HD11 and HD12) – which I believe was in ALL of the proposals.

So it really comes down to item a), the so-called commonalities with our neighbors to the south.  Make no mistake, by this they mean Boulder.  They believe parts of Boulder should have a vote in Longmont’s state house district.  Without it they know the last two Democrats (Pommer and Gardner) would have a tougher time getting elected in this city.  I’m not alone in contending that many of these LAD-types are Boulder-wannabe’s that couldn’t afford to actually move and live there.  The worship of the City and County of Boulder is endless, as are their attempts to bring Longmont closer to being more like Boulder.

If many of us wanted to be in Boulder, we’d have moved/lived there.  People in the Tri-Towns area probably feel the same way about Longmont.  There’s nothing wrong with freedom of choice and association, and what about all that noise we’ve heard about making Longmont a stand-alone, unique community?  This was the rallying cry of the leftists in town when it came to Firestone in the Life Bridge/Union debate, but NO that sentiment doesn’t extend to Boulder.  Again, double-standard bearing hypocrites.

So it appears (subject to change) parts of Longmont have been split out to be in HD12, and all of Boulder has been taken out of HD11.  Most of Longmont will be in HD11 with the exception of areas around Downtown, including precincts 215,219,220,221,226,229 and possibly 222 (assuming precincts don’t change a lot along with redistricting).  HD11 becomes more competitive with nearly identical percentages between R’s and D’s – something those D’s did NOT want to happen.  HD11 no longer is gerrymandered down Hwy 119 to include parts of Boulder for Democratic advantage.  That map drawing was fraudulent and corrupt, explaining why these liberal/progressives liked it just the way it was.  It appears that mistake has been fixed.

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2 Responses to Longmont ignorati awakens to redistricting debate

  1. Anonymous says:

    After 10 years (May 2010) the voter distribution for the current CO House 11 had swayed to 25.9% Republican, 37.3% Democrat, and 36%Unaffiliated–so the importance of CO House 11 being redrawn to fairly represent Longmont cannot be overstated.

    The new H11 will no longer be a gimme for the Dems, and it may well add to the Republicans narrow 33-32 seat majority with the 2012 elections.

    House Republican rule results in conservative committee member majorities–don’t forget that last session the in-state tuition for illegals fortunately never made it out of House committee. Like it or not, many votes are straight party line.

    Overall, the new H11 will mean Regression for the Progressives, and that’s positive for Longmont!

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