Candidates should skip Sep. 7 partisan forum

Elections for Longmont City Council positions are non-partisan.  Longmont Area Democrats and their “Progressive Center” are anything but non-partisan.  They are holding a candidate forum on Wednesday September 7th – any serious candidate, regardless of party, should avoid attending this event on principle alone, if nothing else.

Supposedly “Longmont’s longtime statesman and patriarch Tom McCoy”  (their description, not many other peoples) was to moderate this event, but in recent posts his name has been removed.  I’m sure it would be fair, regardless that his loathsome son Sean McCoy would be one of the candidates.  That, and it’s being held by LAD at their own facility – visions of the old Soviet Politburo come to mind.

If it were held at a neutral facility like it was last time, that would be one thing.  If it was emceed by someone other than a LAD member and a family member of a candidate, that would be another thing.  That not being the case, this forum is a pointless exercise with a crowd of mostly “progressives” (not exactly very representative of Longmont) stroking the ego’s of other “progressives” running for city council.
Residents should attend the real candidate forum usually held in October and hosted by the Times-Call and the League of Women Voters, normally held at a local high school.

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